Pokemon Journeys Promo Hypes Beginning of Ash vs. Leon Battle



Pokemon Journeys has finally reached the climax of the Tournament of Masters, and the promo for the next installment in the series is gearing up for the start of Ash Ketchum’s final grand battle against Leon! Ash has risen through the ranks of the World Coronation Series throughout the anime’s run so far and has been able to fight his way against tough champions to make it to the Grand Finals of the Masters Tournament. Now he faces his biggest challenge in the animated series, and possibly the franchise yet as he takes on undefeated champion Leon.

Pokemon Journeys has been preparing for its big final battle between Ash and Leon for the past few weeks, and after a lot of waiting, it’s finally time for it all to kick into full gear. Predictably, this won’t be settled in a single episode either, as Ash and Leon’s battle will involve two Grand Finals-level teams. There’s a tease that things are going to kick off explosively with the promo teasing the start of their upcoming battle in the next episode airing overseas. Check it out below:

Are you ready for Ash vs. Leon?

Episode 129 of Pokemon Journeys is titled “Final I – Torrent”, and the episode’s synopsis teases it as such, “The Masters Tournament Finals finally begin. [Ash] is excited to have an official match against [Leon], which has always been his goal. The excitement of the crowd is at its height for the match between absolute champion [Leon] and [Ash], who overcame all obstacles and made it this far. In the middle of it, [Leon] came up with a proposal…? Before the eyes of his former comrades and rivals, the decisive battle for the summit begins.”

The Grand Finals battle between Ash and Leon is Ash’s first real shot at becoming a full-fledged World Champion in franchise history, but it’s a victory much easier said than done. given that Leon has never lost a battle before. He also has a solid team of Galarian heavy hitters, and Ash will have to use all the tricks he’s learned in all of his battles so far.

Are you excited to see Ash’s fight with Leon? What do you hope to see from this grand final match? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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