Prof Ayushman Comic Series Returns, Released at Global Ayush Summit


Professor Ayushman is back and this time the informative comic series which was released during the Ayush Global Investment and Innovation Summit in Gandhinagar focuses on the humble hero who makes new friends in the States States and showcases the world of Ayurveda during the lockdown period.

The comic series is a creative endeavor of the National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) and Amar Chitra Katha to raise awareness of Indian systems of medicine.

Dr. Tanuja Nesari, Director of All Indian Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi and CEO of NMPB, said that the character of Professor Ayushman has become very popular since his launch in July 2019. “Professor Ayushman is a character that was created to educate the public about the simple healing properties of medicinal plants in children because they must be caught young. They need to be aware of the uses of medicinal plants and this knowledge can then reach the households,” said Dr Nesari.

The NMPB introduced the second and third series of the comic “Professor Ayushman Fights Covid 19” and “Professor Ayushman Returns” to promote awareness of important and commonly used herbal medicines like ginger, black pepper, clove, cinnamon, adusa (Malabar nut), kalmegh (green chiretta), mandookparni (Indian pennywort) and others. Some of these plants are the main ingredients of Ayush Kwath promoted as an immunity booster by the Ayush Ministry and others are part of a campaign of 20 herbal medicines.

“Professor Ayushman Fights Covid 19” begins with the professor traveling to the United States to give a lecture, then finding himself stranded due to the pandemic. The teacher then makes new friends and treats ailments like swelling and inflammation with traditional remedies like a mixture of lemongrass oil and coconut oil that works as a pain reliever or by using karipatta ( curry leaf) to relieve digestive problems and create appetite.

Whether it is the plant bhumi amla (wild gooseberry) which can combat diarrhea and dysentery or hujod (veldt grape) with its anti-inflammatory properties, Prof. Ayushman offers information on Ayurvedic herbs and plants and their healing properties.

“The comics will help the younger generation to raise awareness and spread knowledge about herbal medicines which would definitely help prevent common diseases and lifestyle disorders which are on the rise,” said Rajesh Kotecha, secretary of the Union Ministry of Ayush.

Nesari also added that the council is involved in creating “agricultural techniques” for medicinal plants. “Agricultural universities have helped develop cultivation techniques for 104 medicinal plants so far,” Dr Nesari said.

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