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THINK book club and think literary discovery, conversation, friendship and the odd glass of wine.

But why should adults have fun, says a new generation of avid readers and critical thinkers.

Danielle Binks, mum from Mornington, is a host of a different kind of book club, where a group of fifth graders – including her daughter Liliana – get together on weekends to read books. To have fun.

There’s no wine, but there are always snacks, grilled sangers, and plenty of in-depth analysis.

Binks says she was impressed with the level of intellectual discourse, where pupils at St Macartans Primary School listen to each other with empathy and feel empowered to pick out characters, plots and language.

“My daughter came up with the idea, so we kicked it off at the start of the year and set up a book program that everyone contributed to,” she said.

“I didn’t really know how far it would go, but the girls are having so much fun, and their language and literary skills have developed so much. We read some great books, and as the girls progressed, their tastes widened.

“They are constantly reviewing their selections and sometimes changing programs as their analytical skills have become more sophisticated over time.”

Binks said she agreed to host the sessions to guide the club, but found the girls were so involved in their discussions that she really had to be there and enjoy it.

“I have as much fun as the girls, and I hope this gives other young people the idea that a book club can be very fun and friendly.”

First published in the Mornington News – November 15, 2022

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