Reese Witherspoon has a new children’s book, Busy Betty


Calling all creative and spirited children, and the adults who raise them. Do you have a very busy child? The one who is filled with big ideas and does big damage and big mistakes along the way?

Acclaimed actress, producer, clothing designer and businesswoman Reese Witherspoon added the children’s book author to her list of accomplishments with the release of busy betty, a charming read that is destined to become a favorite of any child who might feel a kinship with chaos. It’s already one of our favorites.

Available for pre order now, busy betty is a fun, silly, and delicious picture book about a disastrous hour before a playdate, when the well-meaning main character gets creative with bubble solution, popcorn, glitter, a garden hose, and a puppy.

Chaos ensues and momentarily feels like tragedy, but a silver lining is revealed in the teamwork of her best friend Mae, who sees Betty’s creative genius and knows how to put cooperation to work. The combination of Betty’s busy brain and Mae’s perfect planning will inspire children and give worried parents hope for peace of mind.

According to her Instagram, Witherspoon relates to kids who are “full of big ideas and have energy for days on end” because she was one herself.

Best known for its box office draw and book club picks, Witherspoon set out to create a children’s book that not only honors these children, but makes them realize that what can make them question themselves can actually be their superpower in life. .

busy betty is officially set to release on October 4, but you can pre-order your copy now.

Available for pre-order for $17 on Amazon

5 more celebrity children’s books published in 2022

There are dozens and dozens of children’s books written by celebrities. Here are a few that have been released or are in the process of releasing this year.

1. Camila Alves McConaughey and Adam Mansbach: Just try one bite

Credit: Getty Images/David Livingston/Dial Books/Revised

Camila Alves McConaughey teams up with Adam Mansbach, the author of Go the F**k to Sleep for a humorous take on kids and vegetables.

Mansbach is the bestselling author of every parent’s favorite bedtime book, Fuck you to sleep while Alves McConaughey is a healthy eating advocate, who shares three children with actor Matthew McConaughey.

This silly book turns the tables on picky eating – where it’s the kids trying to encourage the parents to put down the ice cream and eat the broccoli. In Just try one bite the kids go to great lengths to bribe the parents to eat their peas, while the parents try every trick in the book to hide their vegetables in favor of donut holes and sundaes.

It is a cute book that can make your kids understand your daily mealtime struggles. If not, you’re all sure to laugh at the witty rhymes and cute illustrations.

At Amazon for $14

2. Mariah Carey: The Princess of Christmas

Mariah Carey and her upcoming book, The Christmas Princess

Credit: Macmillan / Mariah Carey / Revised

Mariah Carey shares bits of her childhood in this upcoming holiday title.

Like Witherspoon, Carey turns her own childhood experiences into a story for children to understand. The Princess of Christmas is for children who feel like strangers; Carey hopes her book will inspire them to live with hope and confidence in their dreams.

Carey says, “Little Mariah represents my inner child who believes in her own vision, she represents all children, especially those who feel like strangers or ‘others’, striving to believe in themselves.”

Available for pre-order on Amazon for $17

3. Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas: There’s a rock concert in my room

Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and his book.

Credit: Razorbill / Laurel Creative Agency / Revised

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle tackle stage fright in this family-focused book.

Hosting a family dance party in your living room is one thing, but when little Emma signs up to play guitar in the school talent show, she soon realizes it’s going to take a whole new level of bravery. . When Emma realizes that she will have to face a lion tamer and a magician, her feet get cold.

If there’s anyone who can dissuade your child from getting stage fright, it’s international superstar Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Co-written with his wife, jewelry designer Danielle Jonas, the two say There’s a rock concert in my room is “all about music, family and facing your fears”. Where We Are From is a book about working towards a goal with the support and scaffolding of family to guide you.

At Amazon for $11

4. Erin Napier: The Lantern House

Erin Napier and her book The Lantern House

Credit: Little Brown / Revised

Erin Napier knows a lot about houses. In this book, the personality of a house is revealed.

Erin Napier, HGTV host Hometown, knows more than a little about houses. This beautifully illustrated picture book follows a house in the past telling its story – and the story of what really makes a house a home.

Written from the point of view of the house, the house in The Lantern House recounts his warm and wonderful memories. This is a watercolor drawn storybook that will touch you with feeling and nostalgia.

At Amazon for $13

5. Ciara and Russell Wilson: Why not you?

Ciara and Russell Wilson with their book cover

Credit: Penguin Random House / West2East Empire / Revised

Superstar parents Ciara and Russell Wilson challenge kids to dream big.

A Grammy-winning superstar and a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback know a thing or two about chasing their dreams.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine our dreams coming true. This book asks the question, “Why not you?” and encourages kids to dream big and achieve those goals. This book is about perseverance and aiming for the stars.

At Amazon for $10

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