Retired Action Star Bruce Willis Receives Moving Comic Book Cover Tribute


ACTOR Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming is extremely grateful for the support her husband has received. Since his recent aphasia diagnosis and retirement were announced, fans and celebrities alike have shown tremendous support for the 67-year-old star and his family.

And last Saturday, a fan took love to a whole new level. Heming, who has two daughters with Willis, shared the special comic book-style tribute created by a supporter of the legendary die hard actor, accompanied by a thank you message.

On the cover, which is titled bruce, the movie star is seen holding a “World’s Best Dad” mug while cuddling a baby on his left arm. The image also included several elements that were reminiscent of some of his most famous films.

According to illustrator Cassady Benson, the print was created with Loot Comics to show Willis’ love at the news of his diagnosis. “When we heard the news of Bruce’s diagnosis, we wanted to do a tribute that highlights some of his many accomplishments while maintaining the focus on him as a hero.

“It was difficult to choose a few so as not to overload the room. In the end, I chose my favorites: Illegal work, 12 monkeys, Look who’s talking, die hard, pulp Fiction and The fifth Element.”

News of Willis’ aphasia diagnosis was announced last month by his family via a joint Instagram post. The condition affects his cognitive abilities, including his ability to read and memorize his lines. Therefore, he decided to leave the industry for good.

In her post about her husband’s tribute, Heming wrote, “The empathy, compassion and appreciation truly lives on in the best way. Thank you for all of your continued love and for sharing your experiences. It’s not lost on me or my family.

She then complimented the comic book issue dedicated to honoring her husband’s work.

“As my husband would say, ‘it’s framed,'” Heming said of the artwork. “Out of frame is fine.”

Besides the cartoon character of Willis, the comic issue also features Bruce’s date of birth.

Heming also revealed that Willis remains active at home. According to her, he often spends quality time with his young daughters.

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