Richard Stanley’s 1990 sci-fi horror film gets comic book sequel


Thirteen months ago, we took a look at the 1990 sci-fi horror cult classic from writer/director Richard Stanley Equipment (take a copy at THIS LINK) with the episode of the Best horror movie you’ve never seen it’s in the integration above. Now Stanley has taken to social media to make an unexpected but very cool announcement – Equipment gets an official sequel in the form of a comic titled Wired: Dawn of the Droid!

Stanley said,

HARDWIRED – DAWN OF THE DROID – after 32 years of silence the Mark 13 project is back online – coming soon to FINAL IMPACT COMICS – the official sequel to the HARDWARE saga – in truth I wanted to call it HARD.WARE but the legal the eagles thought that was too cheeky so HARDWIRED will have to do – even the end of the world has to start somewhere

He also shared the promotional artwork seen at the bottom of this post.

Starring Dylan McDermott and Stacey Travis, featuring a cameo by Lemmy and a vocal performance by Iggy Pop, Equipment has the following synopsis:

In the barren, radioactive wastelands of the future lie the abandoned remains of a Mark 13 cyborg, an advanced military killing machine. When purchased as scrap by Space Trooper Mo as a gift for his sculptor girlfriend, the dismembered remains begin to rebuild. The fully restored Exterminator sets out on a relentless killing spree, with Mo’s girlfriend as his primary target.

Stanley had a Equipment sequel on his mind for a long time – and at one point a 2007 script he wrote for the unproduced film Hardware 2: Ground Zero was even posted online. This movie may never happen, but it’s good to see that it’s managed to get a sequel story out into the world in some way. The comic is based on Zero point script, which was “updated and expanded” for this project.

We will keep you informed of Wired: Dawn of the Droid as more information becomes available.

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