Sanibel Library’s LGBTQ children’s books remain on the shelves



LGBTQ children’s books that caused controversy in a library remain on Sanibel’s library shelves.

The Sanibel Public Library Board said it’s up to parents to decide what their children are allowed to read.

Last month, a group wanted these books removed from the children’s section because they mentioned topics like gender identity.

The council did not hear anything, it felt called for a change in its policy.

The policy stated in part: “The mission of the Sanibel Public Library is to provide a variety of materials for reading, listening, and viewing.”

When it comes to children, parents should be their guide.

Margaret Mohundro, executive director of the Sanibel Public Library District, said, “We don’t serve as a sensor. Responsibility for library materials used by minors rests with their parents and guardians. And we don’t restrict materials based on whether they can be looked at, seen, or read by a child, and the parent doesn’t think that’s appropriate. It’s the parents’ job.

After all the crowded meetings, the Sanibel Public Library decided not to change anything about the book offering in the children’s youth section.

“The policy as it is, the board decided it has strength, and it remains as it is. They did not vote on a new policy,” Mohundro said.

Mohundro said she fully supports the board’s decision.

“As a public entity, our role as librarians is to provide open access to information, to all views, to all types of information that reflects the interests of the public,” Mohundro said. .

Their decision will not sit well with some parents who made it clear last month that they wanted action taken.

A concerned parent said: “She is 8 years old. She can read and loves to explore, but there are some things I don’t want to talk about yet.

Any books under review or disputed will remain on the shelves until the challenge is over.

Anyone who has questions or concerns about a book or wants a book removed can fill out a review form.

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