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The Wild Fincastan unofficial podcast celebrating wild dragon and the works of series creator Erik Larsen, turns 10 today, and what better way to do that, than by releasing a one-of-a-kind comic, published by Image and featuring a cover by Larsen himself? Coming to comic book stores on June 1, Super Freaks #1 was originally intended to be a fanzine, which the hosts would award as a prize to fincast listeners. Instead, when they showed the book to Larsen, he suggested they make it into an actual comic book, featuring characters from the world of wild dragon in a real and official way.

According to a statement by Super Freaks editor and wild fincast co-host Craig Olsen, Super Freaks #1 is a fan love letter to 30 years of Savage Dragon with stories spanning many characters and different eras of the long-running series. In fact, the title Super Freaks is a nod to the term established in the Savage Dragon comic book for super-powered beings, many of whom are featured in the one-shot stories and pin-ups.

“It was too good not to share!” Larsen said in a statement. “It’s hilarious! It’s exhilarating. It’s poignant, sexy and brutal and everything I love. It’s great fun and I couldn’t leave this limited edition book that no one else could have seen.”

The 56-page extravaganza offers action-packed superhero antics, including a multiverse of Dragons; a connection to the 1990s cartoon; reports on Dragon’s son, Malcolm, and his wife Maxine; and stories spotlighting other fan-favorite supporting and shadowy characters.

“Many project contributors have collected Savage Dragon and other Image Comics titles since the company was founded in 1992,” Olsen said. “To see their work printed in an Image comic, especially during the company’s 30th anniversary celebration, is truly a dream come true. We are all over the moon!”

The eclectic mix of independent and up-and-coming creators who have contributed to Super Freaks includes Mark Welser (gods of brutality), Rich Woodall (Electric Black), Raven Perez (Raven Dojo), Connor Tierney (Kid Eastwood), Scott James (juice man) and Nick Justus (Anne-Bonnie). Welser inked Larsen’s pencils on the cover of the one-shot.

Super Freaks is available to order now (preview code APR220123) and in comic shops and other retailers on June 1, 2022. You can see the official synopsis (and a few preview pages) below.

Coverage and solicitation


Celebrating 10 years of the Savage Fincast podcast with an official fan tribute to everyone’s favorite Fin-Head! SAVAGE DRAGON fans unite to produce one of the craziest comic books ever created! It’s rude! It’s hard! It’s hilarious! This is the most quirky and quirky comic ever written on paper! SUPER FREAKS comes with our highest possible recommendation.

SRP: $4.99

56 pages

Cover: Erik Larsen and Mark Welser

Contributors: Ken Albery, David Branstetter, Dee Fish, John Ashton Golden, James Hanson, Gavin Higginbotham, Scott James, Nick Justus, Nikos Koutsis, Simon Mallete St-Pierre, Chris McJunkin, Michah Myers, James Purcell, Greg O’Driscoll, Craig Olsen , Raven Perez, Eric Shonborn, Matt Talbot, Conor James Tierney, Mark Welser and Rich Woodall.

In store: June 01, 2022

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