SBA Opens Registration for 41st Sharjah International Book Fair Awards


The Sharjah Translation Prize of Dh 1.4 million “Turjuman” promotes Arabic literary works around the world by encouraging international translators and publishers to translate intellectual, cultural and creative publications based on or inspired by Arab and Muslim civilizations. Publishers undertake to provide proof of copyright and all documents relating to the legitimacy of the translation, edition and distribution of the works submitted.

The SIBF 300,000 Dh Emirati Book Prize encourages local literary talent in four sub-categories: Best Emirati Novel (100,000 Dh), Best Emirati Academic Book (100,000 Dh), Best Emirati Photography Book on the Arab Emirates (50,000 Dh) and Best Emirati Creative Literature (50,000 Dh).

To celebrate and honor Arab creative production, SBA dedicates Dh150,000 to the Best Arabic Novel award, while Dh50,000 is awarded to each for the Best International Book award in the fiction and non-fiction categories.

The Sharjah Publishers Recognition Award will recognize publishers for their contributions in three sub-categories: Best Local Publisher, Best Arabic Publisher and Best International Publisher. The MAD 75,000 prize will be divided equally between the three winners whose work contributes to advancing the publishing sector.

All titles submitted must have been published within the last two years, provided they are not revised editions.

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