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The following contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 1, “Solaricks,” which airs Sunday, September 4 on Adult Swim.

One of the most interesting aspects of rick and morty This is how the series likes to take pictures of pop culture. It’s kind of ironic, considering a lot of these sentiments dig into capitalism and commercialism, even though the show often partners with brands like Adidas and, more recently, the God of War video game. However, that’s the nature of the show – intentionally contradictory and critical of fan and consumer culture.

In all of those jabs over the years, Rick has also dug into comic books, superheroes, and adaptations. He thinks that while some of them share the same scientific rhythm as his own journey, these stories are lackluster. As a result, he often warned Morty not to idealize them and to follow his lead as someone who was too cool for school. In the Season 6 premiere, the show paid a few tributes — some funny, some more serious — to this particular genre as Rick and his grandson tried to restart their shattered lives.

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Rick and Morty Impersonated Avengers: Endgame’s Opening

The first joke was aimed at the opening of Avengers: Endgame. There, Tony Stark was found recording messages in the dark for Pepper Potts. He talked about life after Titan, how broken he was and how much he missed her. As Tony drifted through the dark recesses of space in a broken Milan, he even gave Nebula props for taking care of him.

The Season 6 premiere opened with Rick in one place, as he and Morty drifted slowly and aimlessly on a ship. He mentioned that he drank his own urine and Morty’s clones went feral after Evil Morty destroyed the Citadel. Now he and Morty were about to die, just like Tony was. Rick even joked that he didn’t have “a helmet like that Avengers guy”, leading Morty to berate him for trying to be too hip and pretending he didn’t know everything about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – something that would have made Rick so human by his standards.

Beth Smith became Captain Marvel

In Game over opening act, Tony and Nebula were eventually saved by Captain Marvel, who appeared in a shower of bright light. The sight of this divine Carol Danvers left Tony impressed and relieved. This epic photo finally tied her in with the other Avengers as well. From there, instead of saying anything, she simply took her ship back to Earth for a reunion with the remaining Avengers and Pepper.

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Something similar happened to the dying Rick and Morty, but their savior was Space Beth, backed up by the glow of her ship’s headlights. The series has her trying to speak in space, leading to Rick berating her that sound can’t travel in a vacuum. Space Beth then put up holographic text, noting how it would have been had Carol decided to throw Tony’s way if he had spoken during his rescue mission like Rick was.

Summer Smith Gets X-23 Claws

After reuniting, Rick messed up the portal gun, which returned him, Morty, and Jerry to their home worlds. Seeing that the portal’s technology had become obsolete, he sent Summer, Beth, and Space Beth instructions to obtain certain materials to help him and Morty return to their reality. The women found themselves at the Citadel, battling the aliens to get the job done.

There, Summer unsheathed dual claws like X-23 and began slicing through aliens. This was partly because she wanted to show Space Beth that she was a badass warrior too, but a major aspect of her murderous disposition was also because Summer had anger issues. This nodded to Wolverine’s berserker mode – admittedly, something Regular Beth worried about.

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Rick Sanchez has Iron Man repulsors

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much like the comics, Iron Man’s repulsors are his signature weapons. Rick has used different variants throughout the series, as seen in his shocking backstory when he bombarded and killed a multitude of Rick variants to find Weird Rick, his true nemesis. It paid homage to Rick being what Iron Man would have become if he had gone wrong.

In the premiere, Rick rocked a new set of repulsors when he arrived at the Cronenberg Dimension (i.e. the first one the show started with). He and Morty raid Weird Rick’s lair to find the villain, causing Rick to lose control and start exploding, flying around like an angry Tony. Morty talked him out of it, however, making it clear that he wasn’t his blood grandfather, he was still family and a genius he didn’t want to consume through war like Tony was.

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Jerry Smith dissected Batman and Jim Gordon

In the Cronenberg Dimension, Morty was also reunited with his original father, Jerry. Unfortunately, their Beth and Summer were dead, which turned Jerry into a caveman-like savage. However, after he and Morty had a heart-to-heart to mend their breakup, Jerry tried to abandon the child at their old home. When Morty caught up with him, Jerry was livid, letting it be known that “Commissioner Gordon was fine with Batman moving on.”

Morty reminded him, however, that Batman doesn’t give up on people, so Jerry shouldn’t compare himself to the Dark Knight. It pays homage to popular Batman stories, especially those of Frank Miller. Return of the Dark Knight and Christopher Nolan The dark knight rises, where a reclusive Batman just wanted to be left alone. Given that Morty abandoned this family to go into reality, Jerry was right to point out the boy’s hypocrisy. Jerry’s fury was understandable because Bruce Wayne lost many loved ones in these adventures, which Jerry also experienced.

Rick and Morty airs Sundays at 11:00 p.m. on Adult Swim.

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