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Shoebert the seal, who became a beloved character in Beverly, Mass., in September, is now on his way to becoming a children’s book star.

Shoebert spent days swimming around Shoe Pond in Beverly to much fanfare, before “surrendering” and being taken to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut for a full checkup. He was then released into the wild.

After being taken to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut and released back into the ocean, a seal that once called Beverly’s Shoe Pond home was recently found in the area.

Stanley Forman, a well-known Boston-area photojournalist, publishes a book with his wife, Debbie, inspired by his time documenting the seal weather in Beverly. He said the idea for the book came as the couple joked around after Shoebert left.

“I took my pictures, I was there every day, and that’s in chronological order of what he did every day,” Forman said. “He wooed crowds…He mesmerized people, including me.”

Forman said Shoebert was one of his favorite stories to cover in his more than 50 years in the news business.

While Shoebert is very cute, he is still a wild animal and needs space, animal control said.

“It’s almost like he’s smiling at you,” Forman said. “He loved the crowd and the crowd loved him.”

Titled “Shoebert’s Great Adventure,” the book features photos of Forman’s seal and will be written from Shoebert’s first-person perspective.

Forman said he was looking at some final touch to the bookand hopes it will be in its final form by the middle of next week.

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