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Six new additions to the library

September 12, 2022


As we enjoy the last moments of summer and prepare to welcome a new season, it’s the perfect time to restock the library for last-minute getaways, the long holiday weekend, and sleepovers. coming fall. Luckily, there are plenty of notable recently released fiction to keep everyone busy. Here’s a roundup of six new releases that deserve a spot on the playlist.

Retirement by Sarah Pearse

Back after her first successful novel, The SanatoriumSarah Pearse brings another captivating thriller with Retirement. DS Elin Warner is back to investigate another horrific case as a woman’s body is found at the base of a cliff at an island wellness retreat. Just like in his previous novel, the eerie suspense is meticulously constructed throughout, keeping readers hooked, right down to the very last shocking twist. Must read.

The lucky house by Jessie Burton

The highly anticipated sequel to Burton’s million-selling bestseller The miniaturist has finally arrived with another exquisitely crafted historical novel. The lucky house continues the story of Thea Brandt, who we last met as a newborn, but now we find her about to turn 18 and ready to be welcomed into adulthood. However, her family’s deteriorating financial situation forces her to find a husband who will guarantee her future. An invitation to Amsterdam’s most exclusive ball may offer her the perfect opportunity, but it soon becomes clear that all may not be as it seems when the miniaturist returns.

Wrong place Wrong time by Gillian McAllister

This intriguing new plot from bestselling author Gillian McAllister depicts every parent’s worst nightmare through twisting timelines and captivating characters. Jen is living the perfect family life with a loving husband and son, but her world is soon turned upside down when she witnesses her son, Todd, stab a man to death outside their home. With Todd arrested and their happy life destroyed, Jen goes to bed only to wake up to find that it’s the day before and Todd hasn’t committed the murder yet. Each night, the protagonist finds herself falling further and further back into her own life, desperately trying to find the key to unlocking the crime, buried somewhere in the past. Full of originality, it’s a memorable thriller that will live long in the memories of readers after the last page.

Meredith, alone by Claire Alexandre

For fans of Gail Honeywell Eleanor Oliphant, Claire Alexander’s debut novel is a moving story of finding the inner strength and courage to overcome our deepest fears. The book’s protagonist, Meredith Maggs, hasn’t left her home in more than three years, but insists she’s not alone with her cat, Fred, and her friend, Sadie, who visits her occasionally. Things soon change with the arrival of her estranged sister, forcing her to finally open her door to the outside world and face everything she’s been hiding from. For a novel that’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking, Alexander tugs at the heartstrings as we’ve been supporting Meredith from the very beginning.

deep waters by Emma Bamford

Emma Bamford’s debut catches on from page one when a navy ship picks up distress signals in the middle of the Indian Ocean. They find a catamaran adrift with a couple on board: husband and wife, Virginia and Jake. Virginie is distraught and in shock, while Jake is badly injured and unconscious. As their rescuers set out to enlist her husband’s help, dark secrets soon begin to surface in this fascinating, slow-burning “locked room” mystery that keeps readers guessing until the very end.

The last time we met by Emily Houghton

For anyone looking for an enjoyable holiday read, Houghton’s latest release is not to be missed. The last time we met follows the life of inseparable childhood best friends Eleanor and Fin, who made a pact to marry at age 35 if they were both still single. Fifteen years later, they live on different continents and haven’t spoken to each other since. When tragic circumstances bring Fin home, they unexpectedly cross paths and are forced to reassess their friendship and figure out if they can be friends again – or maybe more. A light read to get lost in.

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