Smithers Local Publishes New Children’s Book


A new children’s book has been published by a Smithers resident.

Trever Morris’ Penelope came out in May, a book about her daughter when she was three.

According to Morris, he wrote the book a few years ago and he partnered with fellow Smithers resident Araceli O’Coffey for the illustrations.

It’s not the first book he’s written, he wrote The Boy Who Wandered Off, which came out in 2016.

He said both books were written while he was in a writing frenzy.

“I actually wrote them back to back, I wrote about five books, then I was like okay, now I have to take the next step and turn them into books and publish them,” said Morris.

He added that another book is in the works.

Morris also said the book was very well received.

“People seem to really like it and I’ve done some class readings and will do some more as well,” he said.

According to Morris, he is in the process of publishing another book and the publishing process should begin later this year.

He added that his third book is expected to be released in the spring of 2023.

Penelope is available on Amazon and Mills Interior Stationary in Smithers with more local stores to get the book soon.

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