Speed ​​Racer is developing a new Apple TV+ series with JJ Abrams


Speed ​​Racer is back! After making its big screen debut in Hollywood years ago, the hit anime is ready to step up a gear, but for Apple TV+ this time. JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot is working on a live-action TV series based on Speed ​​Racer, and it promises to put a new spin on everyone’s favorite thrill seeker.

As Deadline reports, this Apple TV+ project won’t be tied to the previous Hollywood adaptation of speed racer. This new series will focus on writers Hiram Martinez (snowdrops) and Ron Fitzgerald (Westworld). The report suggests that a writers room is now filled for the project. Martinez and Fitzgerald will lead the group as executive producers and co-showrunners to boot.

If you are unfamiliar with sprinter, the franchise debuted in Japan in 1966. The show, which runs through Go! Go! Go overseas, was the brainchild of Tatsuo Yoshida and became one of anime’s first hits in Western pop culture. The anime was launched in America around 1967, and in the mid-1990s, speed racer had returned to the United States with reboots and sequels galore.

Of course, some know speed racerfrom the previous run through Hollywood. In 2008, the Wachowskis gave the 1960s series a live-action facelift with help from Warner Bros. Pictures. Starring Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci, the adaptation flopped at the box office after grossing $93 million off a $120 million budget. However, in recent years the adaptation has accumulated a cult following which is given speed racer new life.

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As for this Apple TV + adaptation, little is known at the moment. Bad Robot plans to make this series another part of its growing catalog of Apple Originals. So let’s all get together and sing together… “Go, Speed ​​Racer! Go, Speed ​​Racer, Go!!”

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