Spider-Man and Venom Dinosaur Costumes Are Coming to Comic-Con


Move over, VelociPastor – the most unexpected dinosaur costume of the year is coming. Yesterday, Marvel Entertainment announced the release of bizarre dinosaur/superhero hybrid costumes featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex versions of Spider-Man and Venom. Both costumes, which are from Jazwares and retail for $100 each, will be available for the first time at Comic Con International in San Diego this week – Booth #3513 – and that’s not all there will be. Getting Started: Jazwares has released information and images for a number of Marvel teams that could make Halloween a whole lot more fun for fans…and their pets, because why leave them out?

So here is. You can dress up as Venomosaurus, while walking your dog in an Alligator Loki costume, which looks about as perfect as it gets. Here’s how Jazwares and Marvel describe the line:

Attention: here is the incredible Spider-Rex Costume. This king of Cretaceous spiders roars through a fan-driven inflatable nylon. His spider emblem is printed below a face window to give the wearer full visibility beneath his heroic muzzle. It also includes a pair of clawed gloves to defend the Savage Land against the Venomosaurus. Collect this Spider-Rex costume and fuse ultimate power with ultimate responsibility.

Bond with Venom and a T-Rex to form Venomosaurus. This fusion of alien symbiote and Cretaceous tyrant comes to life through a fan-powered inflatable nylon. Venom’s emblem is printed under a transparent window to give visibility under his sucking muzzle. It also includes a pair of clawed gloves to complete the terrible transformation. Collect this Venomosaurus costume and rule the Savage Land.

You can check out a number of Jazwares/Marvel costumes below.

Scarlet Witch in the Multiverse of Madness


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Alligator Loki (for pets!)



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