Spider-Man Calls DC Comics Back Gag Most Fans Missed


The gloves came off in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man when a background gag took a hit at DC Comics over the company’s lack of creativity.

Looks like a dig DC Comics was sneakily slipped into the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man. In a brief background gag from the Wall-Crawler comic, a joke was made at DC’s expense regarding the company’s creative output. While the whole thing is fun, it continues a tradition of the Big Two roasting each other over their decades-long rivalry.

If there’s one thing fans know about Spider-Man, it’s that the hero has a tendency to wisely snap and throw a beard or two mid-battle. Peter Parker’s jokes are sometimes interpreted as a coping mechanism for the stress he faces as a hero, while other times are portrayed as a way to get rid of villains in battle. Whatever the reason, Spider-Man has a reputation for being a prankster, and that humor often extends to his books.


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Just watch a gag accompanying a scene of Mary Jane and Peter Parker arguing in The Amazing Spider-Man #516 by J. Michael Straczynski, Mike Deodato Jr., Mark Brooks, Joe Pimentel, Jaime Mendoza, Matt Milla, Brian Reber and Cory Petit. As Mary Jane gets dressed, she and Peter discuss the latter’s mug accidentally broken in a dishwasher. As the couple talk, a morning report tells a story about Time Warner. The anchor describes the company’s shares down three percent”mainly due to shortcomings in the publishing division” caused by “a lack of inventiveness in its graphic editing branch.

Spider-Man DC Comics Marvel Reference

Talk about the shots fired! Now, it’s obviously a ridiculous idea that “a lack of inventivenesscould seriously send stocks down several points. Other than the fact that trading is incredibly complex, there’s rarely a reason for a stock’s performance (at the very least, it’s probably never because of the bands However, the background gag is a fun joke made in direct competition with Marvel and fits the tone of a Spider-Man comic book very well. by Peter Parker.

Marvel and DC form the two greats of the American comics industry. As such, they’ve gone back and forth, including researching their books, ridiculing the trends their rival seems to be following, all in the name of friendly competition. While that may sound rude, the reality is that many comic book creators have worked for both companies, including this gag’s author, J. Michael Straczynski, who has written books such as The brave and the daring, Supermanand wonder woman. The industry is relatively small, so the occasional potshot on the other side is bound to happen from time to time.

Again, the joke was funny. Although if DC Comics really didn’t appreciate they could always give Spider Man a taste of its own medicine with a gag of their own.

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