SPOILER returns for the first time in season 3


The eighth episode of harley quinnThe third season of “Batman Begins Forever”, has taken a deep dive into the mind of Bruce Wayne, which means a longtime character from the show has made his triumphant return. Doctor Psycho (Tony Hale) joined Harley’s crew in season one but ended up turning against them and becoming the big bad in season 2. There was no redemption for the villain and his anti-woman attitudes, but Harley and Ivy needed him to infiltrate Bruce. spirit so they can find the kidnapped Frank.

Hilariously, we see Psycho for the first time in Season 3 hosting his own self-help podcast from inside Arkham Asylum. Psycho receives an anonymous call which is clearly from Bane before Harley and Ivy burst in and drag him out. Even better, Psycho’s podcast reminds fraser, so the episode opened with the sitcom’s logo. In previous episodes, Psycho used her power to enter the minds of some main characters, including Harley in “Being Harley Quinn”. However, Batman’s mind turns out to be far more complicated. Psycho isn’t much of a help in the end, and it seems unlikely the character will continue to be a staple on the show, but it was definitely fun to reunite with Hale’s voice talents. Last year, ComicBook.com told Hale about harley quinn and he joked that it was very different from his animated kids show, Archibald’s Next Big Thing.

“She’s a little different from Archibald,” Hale joked of Harley. “I don’t know. I mean, I apologize for being the last person to hear anything,” he added when asked if Doctor Psycho would return. “I remember when we were doing Stopped, when they brought us back from development stopped, I would always have this question. And I just, really felt like I was the last one, like the press people were like, “Oh, I heard you came back.” And I was like, ‘What, are you serious?’ So, I personally don’t know, but one of the authors, [Dean Lorey]was a writer on the first season of Development stopped … So it’s fun to work with him again. harley quinnman, it’s so funny but so opposite to Archibald.”

We talked about how Doctor Psycho is introduced in harley quinn calling Wonder Woman a dirty word, and how great it is that the show never tried to redeem him before he became the villain.

“Yeah, and that’s a really good point. Because I like it. I like black,” Hale replied. “Doctor Psycho is an example of what we don’t want to be. We want to grow and we want to mature and we want to learn from our mistakes. Whereas Archibald is someone I aspire to be. I want to learn from my mistakes and I want to see the world the way Archibald sees it. So, but those are two very different examples, you know?”

New episodes of harley quinnThe third season of airs on HBO Max on Thursdays, and the show has just been renewed for a fourth season.

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