Star Wars Comic Rises in Value After Disney+ Series Leaks


Recently, after a new title in the Disney+ Star Wars series was reportedly leaked as Tales of the Jedi, the comic of the same name rose in value.

Recently after a new Disney + star wars the series title was reportedly leaked, the comic book of the same name skyrocketed. Dark Horse Comics Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi #1 joins the top 10 most requested collectible comics by Covrprice.

Originally published in 1993, Tales of the Jedi was intended to be a 5-issue miniseries, but led to a 35-issue series spanning eight story arcs set throughout the Old Republic era. Now considered “Legends”, the series is not canonical to Disney’s take on the franchise. However, with the apparent reveal that a Disney+ animated series of the same name is on the way, the comics could inspire new canon. This would be far from the first time Legends material has influenced the direction of Star Wars. In Star Wars: Rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn has returned, and recently in The Boba Fett Book, it was confirmed that Tatooine was once an ocean planet like in the comics, Dawn of the Jedi.


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Now, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi #1 appreciated in value Covrprice’s list of the top 10 comics for the first week of January 2022. The problem is in fourth place on the list, ahead of several Marvel comics. It was reported to have a “gross FMV of $40” with “a high sale of $300 for a CGC 9.8”. This rating implies that the issue must be in mint condition to be listed at the corresponding price. Tales of the Jedi #1 was written by Tom Veitch with art by Chris Gossett and Mike Barreiro, and cover art by Dave Dorman. The sudden increase in its value is best attributed to the recent leak when Lucasfilm employees received Christmas gifts from the company with a new title with the name “Tales of the Jedi,” closely resembling the comic book logo.

Long before the Empire came to power in the Old Republic, Tales of the Jedi explored the Great Sith War and the Jedi Knights who fought to protect the galaxy. Four thousand years before the original trilogy, the comics told the Jedi stories before the prequels. The first arc covered by Tales evolved later in the Knights of the Old Republic, which is also rumored to have new meaning in the future of the current canon.

When Disney dropped past canon stories and renamed them “Legends,” fans were reasonably upset. With the apparent Star Wars animated series which has yet to be officially announced, many Expanded Universe readers are intrigued by what’s to come. Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi isn’t easy to find, but it’s likely to impact the future of the galaxy.

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