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The don’t breathe The horror franchise has already been cast in two movies, and surprisingly, it looks like a third entry could be in the cards. Stephen Lang starred in both films as the Blind Man, a horrifying monster in the first film who struggles to find redemption in the second. Although there has been no official word on a third film, considering Don’t breathe 2 done considerably less than his predecessor, Lang seems confident he’ll be playing the blind man once again.

During an interview with, Lang was asked about entering the headspace of a dark character like the Blind Man. He said he “enjoyed” the process of playing a different type of character and planned to take advantage of that same process in Not breathing 3.

“Well, it depends on the role,” Lang said. “I find that with the sequels you speak of, don’t breathe. It’s not hard for me to open the door to Blind Man’s brain, you know? It’s not a place where I want to spend a lot of time [laughs] unless that’s what I do, and when I do, when I’m in The Blind Man, it’s a very interesting place. I enjoyed, if that’s the right word, but I guess it is, I enjoyed filming don’t breathe and Don’t breathe 2 really really a lot. Just as I plan to enjoy filming Don’t breathe 3.”

Will there be a Don’t Breathe 3?

Lang seems convinced that a third don’t breathe movie will happen, but there has been no official word that it will. After Don’t breathe 2 is out, sequel director Rodo Sayagues told that these films are very open, allowing for more movies in the future.

“I think stories never come full circle. If there’s anything true about the first movie, it’s that there’s no closure on either side,” Sayagues told . “There was no closure for Norman’s story [Stephen Lang] and there’s no end to rocky’s story [Jane Levy], they both get away with a felony, both of them. Because Rocky stole a lot of money.”

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