Stewart’s Automotive Chair publishes its first book



Diana Sherry Stewart wrote her first book titled ‘Dunsinane, A Memoir’ which is in memory of her late husband Richard Stewart.

It is a tribute to the many memories shared with him, his family and friends in their home in Gordon Town, after which the book is titled – Dunsinane.

Stewart, chairman of Stewart’s Automotive Group, thought the time was right right to immortalize his memories and launch the book on September 28, the eve of the seven-year commemoration of her husband’s death.

Her first literary achievement could have been something else, but the businesswoman and philanthropist thought a memoir was preferable as it would be a fitting heirloom for his family.

“My grandchildren thought my life had been filled with many life lessons and drama, and they really thought I should put it all into a story, and I believe writing a memoirs have helped me better understand the past or heal from trauma experience,” she shared.

Dunsinane is a powerful literary travelogue of Stewart’s account of journeying through life with family, friends, employees, politicians, and a host of other people; and the profound experiences, events and exposures that have impacted his world.

Philanthropist and President of Stewart’s Automotive Group, Diana Stewart (seated) is joined by members of her family at the launch of her first literary work, Dunsinane: A Memoir. Stewart, who wrote the play in memory of her late husband Richard, hosted the event at the Jaguar Land Rover Showroom on September 28.

Stewart isn’t afraid to recall the memories (the good ones, the bad ones, but never indifferent) and to reflect on the lessons learned, no matter how painful. She takes readers on a breathtaking, sometimes funny, sometimes tearful journey through the journey of her life.

As the memoir hits the stands, she hopes readers will learn to live a simple life while adding adventures and creating lasting memories that will leave a legacy for their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

For Stewart, Dunsinane may also be the roadmap for readers to realize that all of this glitter is not gold and it is important to live life with determination and hope.

“Dunsinane” also tells how much I love my family and how involved I am in philanthropy.

“Being able to help others today will make a difference tomorrow,” she said.

Passionate about philanthropy and giving back to Jamaica, all proceeds from the sale of her memoir will go to the Richard and Diana Stewart Building Fund.

The memoirs also offer some insight into the author’s life with some surprises for friends who thought they knew everything about Stewart.

Among the revelations is the major accident she had, and after being treated in Jamaica, her parents took her to the United States where they were told that she never walk again or have children. She defied the odds – an active member of her community, Stewart now has five great-grandchildren.

Never a dull moment, reading is guaranteed to keep book lovers turning the pages as Stewart, who was born in Slough, Buckinghamshire, England to a Jamaican father and English mother, shares bits and pieces of her life taking readers through the myriad twists and turns of this journey.

Memoirs lead to a deep recognition of humanity and the uplifting release that comes with being candid enough to share the stories of lived experiences and for readers to recognize their own vulnerabilities.

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