Superman: Earth One – 5 Characters Who Are Comic Book Accurate (& 5 Who Aren’t)



the earth one comic line started with Superman: Earth 1, a trilogy of graphic novels that feature a bold new take on Superman. Written by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski with art by Shane Davis and Ardian Syaf, the comic eschewed the traditional image of Superman’s world in favor of something new.

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With this world being so different, some of the show’s characters are quite different from their mainstream DC Comics incarnations. That being said, some are a little more borderline than others, as a few have maintained a similar characterization.


Characters true to the comics

Ma and Pa Kent

Jonathan and Martha Kent flee a fire with baby Kal-El in her arms in Superman: Earth One.

Without his excellent supporting characters, Superman would be a shadow of who he is, but aside from Lois Lane, the Kents play the most important role in his life. The Kents raised Clark and helped him develop his morals, something that earth one maintains.

Jonathan and Martha Kent may have been significantly aged and made slightly more modern in earth one, but it’s the same loving parents who gave Superman his hope. The Kents are 100% loyal to their traditional cousins, something their son can’t really boast about.

White perry

Perry White explains to Clark Kent why he frames famous headlines in Superman: Earth One.

Long before he created Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski was a journalist, which certainly helped flesh out the Daily Planet team. In earth one, The Daily Planet is described as a struggling newspaper that is revitalized when it gets Superman’s first good picture.

However, it looks like Perry White was pretty much taken straight from the comics and placed in Superman: Earth 1 with few changes. His grumpy nature and witty dialogue are retained and it’s a welcome addition to the series.


Parasite battles Superman in Superman: Earth One.

After debuting as original villain Tyrell in Volume 1, it is logical that volume two would use a more traditional supervillain. Not only does Straczynski use Parasite, one of Superman’s most underrated enemies, he actually used the original Parasite.

A criminal named Raymond Jensen, Parasite gained his horrific abilities after being exposed to a strange chemical, something that’s 100% consistent with the character’s origin. That said, he gave his own personal connection to Clark Kent more depth.

Lois Lane

Lois Lane grills Clark Kent in Superman: Earth One.

Outside of Wonder Woman, Lois Lane is perhaps the most important female character in DC Comics history. At the end of Volume 3, Superman is in a relationship with his neighbor Lisa, while he and Lois have more or less become friends, although if the series picks up there is always the possibility that they will become an item.

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Although she is not Clark Kent’s lover in Superman: Earth 1, the comic maintains its feisty, tough attitude and go-get-em style for reporting the news. Although she initially shows some distrust of Clark, her actions in Volume 3 show obvious confidence in his alter ego.

clark kent

Clark prepares to face the day in Superman: Earth One.

In his heart, earth one is a Superman origin story, but it’s also an origin story for Clark Kent. As Martha Kent states in Volume 1, Superman must show his true colors for the people of Earth to trust him, so his secret identity should be a disguise.

In a way, Clark Kent is less a character than a role played by Superman, affecting a farmer’s obliviousness and a stylish pair of glasses for his job as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Clark’s character seems very accurate, but with a more youthful flair.

Characters that aren’t true to the comics


Superman covered in the sun in Superman: Earth One.

While Clark Kent has been faithfully translated into earth one, the same cannot be said for Superman. If fans were just looking at the promo art, they’d assume that this Superman is a meaner, more angsty Man of Tomorrow. But while that’s not really the case, he’s quite different from the mainstream version of Superman.

Superman feels a lot more human here, as well as a lot less experienced, with this look back at The Man of Steel’s early years showing him slowly growing into his role as Earth’s protector. At the end of Volume 3, when Superman gives a speech at the UN telling world leaders he’s not their enemy, it’s clear it won’t be long before he truly becomes the hero fans know and love. .

jimmy olsen

Jimmy Olsen jokes with Perry White in Superman: Earth One.

Jimmy Olsen is a badass because it’s hard to make the character cool because his role in the silliest Superman stories shaped the character’s perception. It would be easy to cast Jimmy as his traditional counterpart, but Straczynski is going in a different direction with the character.

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In earth one, Jimmy Olsen has this devilish drive to get a peach at a stroke, with his cooler demeanor backed by an increase in age. earth one features a cool modernization of a classic secondary character, which could slowly be incorporated into regular comics.

General Zod

General Zod and Superman face off in Superman: Earth One.

General Zod is one of Superman’s deadliest enemies, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when one of Krypton’s last survivors was the main villain of That of the Earth third volume. However, Straczynski made some interesting changes to the character, as not only was Zod responsible for the destruction of Krypton, but he was also revealed to be Zod-El, Jor-El’s brother and Superman’s uncle.

That said, Zod isn’t as sane as his nephew, as his machinations soon lead him and Superman to come to blows. Although he is depowered at the end of the story, his actions have some pretty big repercussions.

Lex Luthor

Alexandria Luthor calls herself Lex Luthor in Superman: Earth One.

Technically, there are two Lex Luthors in Superman: Earth 1, although the one fans expected to be the real Lex Luthor is actually a red herring. Alexandria Luthor and her husband Alexander are hired by the government to take down Superman, which goes horribly wrong.

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Alexander, who actually has no relation to Superman as Alexandria is fascinated with the idea of ​​killing him, is killed by Zod while trying to help The Man of Steel in Volume 3. This leads to a grief-stricken Alexandria developing a deep hatred for Superman before renaming himself Lex Luthor.


Batman broods atop a gargoyle in Batman: Earth One.

Batman does not appear in the flesh in Superman: Earth 1, but it is briefly mentioned in 2nd volume, which somewhat hints at Batman: Earth 1 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Anyone who loves Superman: Earth 1 should definitely give this graphic novel series a chance, but don’t expect an accurate Batman.

The Bruce Wayne of earth one The universe was a spoiled brat in its youth, but when it more or less caused the death of its parents, it grew into a prototype Dark Knight. He’s not the best detective, nor particularly skilled in technology or combat, but much like Superman, this Batman will one day become The Caped Crusader that fans have deified today.

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