Sweetie Candy Vigilante #1 – Comic Preview



Dynamite Entertainment launches its new series Darling Candy Vigilant with a double number this Wednesday; Check out the official preview here…

Sweetie Candy Vigilante is a honey-dipped horror/fantasy infused with dark humor that tells the story of Sweetie, an ethereal, handsome, charming, well-meaning (but decidedly unhinged) blood relative of the mythological “candy man”… you know, the guy who takes the sunrise and sprinkles it with dew? Yeah – that guy. Appalled by the blight and decadence of her community, Sweetie is determined to enact a blood and sugar coated manifesto on society using her otherworldly powers and proprietary family secrets in her quest to make the world a better place. “soft”. square. She begins brick by brick in her hometown, New York.

In issue #1, on a snowy, freezing night, Sweetie visits an iconic New York candy store known as the Ice Cream Bunny, hoping to find her namesake at the helm. Much to her dismay, she finds the shop transformed from its once sugary splendor into a salty lair of iniquity. The once-beloved store is now a front for a notorious crime syndicate, and they’re not very nice at all. Sweetie uses her captivating personality and unassuming candy weapons to tear the place and its gang of thugs apart, member by member – as the first step in restoring its former glory. All while enjoying a dynamic punk rendition of the Archies’ pop classic “Sugar, Sugar” on the jukebox, as heads roll – literally.

This issue includes a download code for a free pop-rock MP3 of “Sugar, Sugar” performed by Osaka Popstar (as featured in the issue) so you can listen while Sweetie kicks! Will Sweetie find good eggs among the customers of the Ice Cream Bunny? Who exactly is the Ice Cream Bunny? Who is Sweetie’s Oversized Gummee Bear? This number has it all: blood, guts and a sugar rush! It all happens in the first issue of “Sweetie Candy Vigilante”. Isn’t it nice?

Sweetie Candy Vigilante kicks off with an extra large number of Dynamite Debut to keep you coming back for more! So tie up your gumballs and make sure you save room for dessert, because it’s not like a little sugar is going to KILL you, is it?

Sweetie Candy Vigilante #1 goes on sale October 5 for $3.99.

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