Taye Diggs asked for his son’s approval for his new children’s book


Actor Taye Diggs has just released a children’s book. The 51-year-old recently posted his Why ? : a conversation about race with illustrator and friend Shane W. Evans. The story approaches social activism from the perspective of young black children. In an age of critical race theory debates and book bans, reading is not only fundamental but even more important for today’s children of color. Understanding this complex, Diggs wanted to make sure the young audience he was trying to reach would be proactive, so he asked his 12-year-old son, Walker, to share his thoughts on the book.

“Before showing him the book, we actually had, you know, a few conversations about what was happening, you know, in society with Black Lives Matter, so that’s kind of what prompted the book” , Diggs told host Tamron Hall. during a virtual appearance on his talk show.

“After writing [the book], I just wanted him to give his blessing because with him, you know, he can tell if I try to fish and he’s like, you know, if I try to fish he’s not gonna give me that that he thinks I need,” Diggs continued. “But I just said, ‘What do you think?’ and he said, ‘That was good, dad. It’s really, really cool. It was really, really deep.

When Hall asked if he cried at his son’s response, Diggs jokingly replied that Walker would have just rolled his eyes if he had. “We watch a lot of TV together and he really doesn’t have it,” said the all american said the Walker star, who he shares with his ex-wife and Frozen starring Idina Menzel. “He’s a sportsman too, so sometimes he’s not as sensitive as I would like.”

Why was released on February 1 and is Diggs’ fifth children’s book with Evans. His first book, chocolate me, released in 2011, is about black children who are teased at school because of their dark skin color. The other books — Mixed me up! and My friend! – address growing up biracial and living in a divided household. And I love you more thanwritten in 2018, is a love letter to a child from a father whose parents are divorced.

And while Walker may not have any notes for his dad when it comes to his growing collection of children’s books, he has a strict rule in place with Diggs’ love life. During an interview with To access last year, Diggs revealed that Walker said he wasn’t allowed to date anyone under 26. “I showed him a girl who was on Instagram and he immediately asked how old she was,” Diggs said in January 2021.[He said], ‘Absolutely not. she must be at least 26 years old. He wouldn’t like that, but she must be at least 26 years old. He was generous.

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