The 10 Best Captain America Comic Book Stories, According To Ranker


The MCU helped make Captain America one of the greatest cinematic heroes of 21, the character obviously has a long history in the comics. Many of Captain America’s greatest storylines from the comics have even inspired the MCU movies and their adaptation of the character.

Ranker highlighted some of the best stories featuring the star-studded hero throughout Marvel history. from well-known titles to hidden gems, these comics explore the struggles, triumphs and complexities of Captain America and what makes him so special.


ten Captain America: white

Captain America Raises His Shield and Screams in Marvel Comics

Although Captain America has managed to fit into modern stories surprisingly well, his time during World War II was very important to his journey. “Captain America: White” looks back on one of those early adventures in a thrilling way.

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The story finds Cap and his allies attempting to stop Red Skull as he invades France. It’s a story that highlights some of Cap’s greatest traits as a hero while admitting some flaws. But at its center is a story about his friendship with Bucky Barnes.

9 The death of the dream

Captain America may not have been Marvel’s most popular hero, but as the MCU has shown, he stood out as something all other heroes aspire to, even in a universe filled with superheroes. .

“Death of the Dream” touches on these elements of Cap’s legacy as it takes place in the aftermath of “Civil War” as Cap is arrested and later murdered. It shows that even in his darkest moments, Cap was an inspiring hero. It also explores the void left by him and the heroes who tried to live up to his immense legacy.

8 Under Siege

Captain America mourns his destroyed belongings in Under Siege.

Although “Under Siege” is actually an Avengers story, Captain America’s role in it allows for some of the character’s best moments in the comics. It’s about Baron Zemo assembling a huge new team of Masters of Evil to take down the Avengers while targeting Cap with a particularly personal torture.

It’s hard to turn a team like the Avengers into underdogs, but they’re really beaten in this story. However, that only leads to the epic moment of Cap leading his team into the final battle.

7 The Strange Death of Captain America

Captain America lifting a Hydra agent above his head in Marvel comics

There have been many times in the comics where Captain America was thought to be dead. “The Strange Death of Captain America” ​​begins with the world not only dealing with the hero’s supposed death, but also the revelation that Steve Rogers might not always have been Cap.

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The story is filled with art that gives it a somewhat surreal feel as it focuses on Rick Jones coming to terms with this loss. But it all leads to an exciting climax that can be predictable but is also a lot of fun.

6 Death of the Red Skull

Captain America fighting Red Skull in Marvel Comics

Although Captain America has faced many memorable villains in the comics, his nemesis is undoubtedly Red Skull. They share a long history together, dating back to World War II and Cap’s origins. But “The Death of the Red Skull” sets up their final confrontation.

In a compelling portrayal of the villain, Red Skull is revealed to be an older man who finally seeks revenge on Cap before his time is up. To do this, he tries to push the hero to the point of killing Red Skull. It’s a great battle between these two as well as a perfect test for a hero like Cap.

5 The man without a country

Captain America opens his shirt to reveal his costume

A common theme that has been explored in more recent Captain America stories, and something the MCU has also addressed, is Cap as an outlaw. Although he was created as an agent of the government, he sometimes finds himself at odds with those in power.

“Man Without a Country” finds Red Skull stealing Cap’s memories and using them to frame him for acts of treason. This results in Cap being exiled from the United States and forced to function as a rogue hero.

4 War & Remembrance

Captain America for President Comic

From the longevity of the comics to the character’s own journey, Captain America is a hero who has played an important role both in the past and in more modern times. “War & Remembrance” strikes an exciting balance between these two aspects as it feels like an old-school adventure while examining Cap’s iconic status.

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The story finds Cap facing off against a number of dastardly villains, such as Batroc and Baron Strucker. It also sees him reunited with characters from his past, like his ally Union Jack and the villainous Baron Blood. The story even explores the idea of ​​Cap running for president.

3 Operation Rebirth

Captain America protects Red Skull with his shield

Captain America has faced Red Skull countless times in the comics, but “Operation Rebirth” had a lot of fun teaming up with these two characters as unlikely allies. The story finds Cap once again frozen in time only to be awakened by the Red Skull so he can help the villain stop Adolf Hitler from taking over the world.

The wild story feels like an homage to those earlier war stories from early Captain America comics. It also delves into the romance between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter in an interesting way.

2 Captain America is no more

Captain America bows his head in Marvel comics

Fans had to deal with Captain America’s retirement in Avengers: Endgame, but he’s dropped his shield several times in the comics before. The most memorable example was in “Captain America No More” which sees Steve Rogers step away from Captain America to be replaced by the more violent John Walker.

Having another character wielding the famous shield is a great way to explore what a special hero Steve Rogers is. The story also examines the idea that Rogers continues to be a hero even though he is no longer Captain America.

1 The Winter Soldier

Captain America Bucky Fight in the comics

There are many fans who consider Captain America: The Winter Soldier being one of the best MCU movies to date, so it’s no surprise that the comic that inspired it is also highly regarded. It tells the story of the mysterious Soviet assassin known as the Winter Soldier who only emerges for Cap to find out that he is his brainwashed friend, Bucky Barnes.

Fans might not realize that Bucky wasn’t a popular character at the time in the comics. He was introduced years ago as Cap’s sidekick, but this comic has reimagined him as Steve Rogers’ tragic counterpart. It also featured Cap’s most personal conflict.

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