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The Marvel Comics universe is accessible to everyone, even the youngest readers. There are countless comic series out there that can appeal to kids and teens, arcs low in violence and salty language, but high in action and big character moments. These vigilantes have become very popular with young fans.

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No matter who can read these comics, the age of a given story doesn’t detract from its quality. If a parent or guardian is looking for a comic book series to read alongside their little ones, these should tick all the boxes and provide some inspiration along the way.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-2019)

Doctor Strange with Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-2019)

Team books are always fun, but this awesome run that spanned 47 issues paired the world’s smartest person with a deadly dinosaur. The result was a comic book series that featured outlandish adventures full of whimsical action and vibrant visuals.

Writers like Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder lent their talents to the play, alongside artists like Alitha E. Martinez and Natacha Bustos. It’s a tale that demonstrates that no one should hold back their full potential and is designed to be as inspiring for children as it is joyful for adults.

Spiderman (2016-2018)

Miles Morales Spider-Man (2015-2018)

Miles Morales is the Spider-Man for an entire generation of readers. His introduction to the main Marvel Universe began with this series which ran for around 28 issues. While a large number of artists worked on the book, the writing was done entirely by creator Brian Michael Bendis.

It feels like a Miles Morales reboot in many ways and features some of his most iconic stories. It’s a series that teenage fans might enjoy more than younger readers, because it really speaks to an age group that can imagine themselves behind the mask.

Champions (2020-2021)

The Champions (2021)

The latest run for the team known as the Champions saw Marvel dive into new territory. The team’s roster has expanded far beyond its original parameters and while there are many guest stars in the 10-issue series, the main cast includes Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Nova , Ironheart and Viv.

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It’s a great combination of different skills and points of view as these teenagers try to get around the new law banning young vigilantes from fighting crime. A very modern app-based story completes the series, with teenage readers surely enjoying the work of writers Eve Ewing and Danny Lore, alongside artists such as Robert Quinn, Luciano Vecchio and Simone DI Meo.

Ms. Marvel (2014-2015)

Lockjaw and Ms. Marvel (2014–2015)

It’s rare that Marvel creates a character that manages to hit the mark solidly the first time around and appeal to all ages. That’s exactly what happened with Ms. Marvel, whose series began with the writing and art of G. Willow Wilson and Sara Pichelli respectively.

The series centers on Kamala Khan who dreams of being a superhero. After gaining his own unique powers through his secret Inhuman DNA, the race details his journey to fulfill his destiny, while facing an array of new villains, teaming up with quirky allies, and still trying to smash through his own. way to school! The series of 19 issues is a classic.

Reptile (2021)

Reptile (2021)

Reptil was originally introduced to audiences as part of the Initiative which saw many young heroes find their bearings. While Avengers Academy briefly touched on his story, Humberto Lopez finally got his own number 4 from Terry Blas and Enid Balam.

Although he still has a long way to go before becoming a member of the Young Avengers or another notable team, Reptil is a perfect character for young readers exploring his cultural heritage and the root of his power. Spoiler alert, Lopez really can transform into any dinosaur, which is great fun for toddlers.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)

The Avengers with The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)

Squirrel Girl has always been an inspirational comedy character that fans could aspire to. She’s down to earth and so humble, but somehow completely unbeatable. That’s where the many comic book series come in, but this 8-issue arc, in particular, is so enjoyable.

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Writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson have given fans a brief look at the many bizarre escapades of Squirrel Girl, who is truly all-hearted. Young readers will love the art style and ridiculous notion of a superhero being able to control squirrels! As laughable as she may be, Doreen Allene Green will never be defeated!

Marvel Rising (2019)

Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and Miss America in Marvel Rising (2019)

marvel rising was part of the brilliant initiative to attract young fans and show them stories they can resonate with. It’s a scheme that has made its way across multiple platforms, with an animated series even accompanying the brand’s presence in the comics.

The 5-issue series by writer Nilah Magruder and artists Roberto DI Salvo and Georges Duarte features a predominantly female cast of characters who embark on outside missions. With a medieval spin on procedurals, there’s a little something for everyone in this strange mix of characters and worlds.

Fantastic Four and Power Pack (2007)

Fantastic Four and Power Pack (2007)

All of Power Pack’s adventures are truly designed to get kids involved, after all, this mischievous team of superheroes is made up of kids! Combine that with Marvel’s First Family and the result is a one-of-a-kind car crash with all the mayhem expected of such a notorious group.

The art style is gorgeous and should appeal to younger viewers as the Fantastic Four keep the Power Pack going for 4 issues under the watchful eyes of writer Fred Van Lente and artist G Gurihiru. The series goes from schoolyard rivals to the threat of Doctor Doom without missing a beat.

The Incredible Gwenpool (2016-2018)

The Incredible Gwenpool (2016-2018)

Parents reading this might be confused to see a Deadpool-related character on the list, given the fame of the mercenary with a mouth for his foul language and gruesome violence. However, the Gwenpool series takes a much happier approach to the character breaking the fourth wall.

This variant of Gwen Stacy is completely adorable and not afraid to team up with a fun array of partners. The 25-issue series covers a range of arcs from a battle with Spider-Man to an encounter with the villain known as Arcade. It’s wacky and quirky with an art style to match. Christopher Hastings provides the play’s writing with art from talents like G Gurihiru and Danilo S. Beyruth.

Strange Academy (2020–present)

Two Strange Academy students (2020–present)

A teenage book that might appeal to young readers if they aren’t afraid of a few scares along the way, Strange Academy by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos brings audiences back to school at this Hogwarts-like institution with a twist.

The Marvel Universe is full of mythical characters and mystical worlds, and the Academy tries to teach the next generation the skills to continue defending existence itself. It’s a huge premise with exciting surprises and this ongoing series is one that all Marvel fans would thoroughly enjoy for the magical inclusions and student drama.

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