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Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the book Fiction – Mystery – Murder “Reservations” by Theresa M Janson, currently available on

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“Reviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite

The FBI’s Dr. Sampson died while presiding over the reservations case. His heartbroken protege, Special Agent Samantha Wright, took over the case to make her mentor proud. There have been serial murders of boys around their twelfth birthdays on Indian reservations in the United States. After investigation, the next victims were on the Cheyenne reservation, around Ashland. Samantha and her lover and part-time boss, Agent Charlie, leave for Montana to save the boys. But there, the dynamic changed as an emotional triangle formed in the heat of the planning. Local guide and owner of their lodge, Will, fell in love with Samantha at first sight. Will Charlie concede the loss of Sam on another man’s turf? Will personal issues get in the way of their collective goal? Theresa Janson’s bookings contain the juicy details.

Reservations by Theresa Janson is the perfect novel for anyone who loves a mix of murder, romance and spirituality. This book was fast-paced, had a megaton of action, and had a good dose of humor. I loved the script, plot, and character development because it had depth and evoked emotions in me. Reservations were unpredictable as I never saw Michelle come. I also couldn’t imagine how premeditated people could be to live without fingerprints and erase their existence. Charlie’s concept of love was another thing I couldn’t understand. However, I loved Sam so much, his mental and physical strength, his heart and his essence. She was a hero, and Will was just a man! The duo showed that honest communication and trust are key. Finally, Dr. Sampson was always right to look up. What’s wrong with Scotty and Charlie? I want more, Therese!

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