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When it comes to comic booksJudging a book by its cover isn’t always the worst idea – especially since so many artists in 2021 have done their best throughout the year. Many publishers had amazing covers adorning their titles. Some of the best were Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Boom! Workshops.

With so many milestones reached this year, such as the 80th anniversary of many of comic book’s greatest heroes, there were plenty of covers to choose from. Art is often in the eye of the beholder, but Screen Rant’s many eyes think these are this year’s must-haves. Here are the best comic book covers of 2021.


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Something is killing the kids # 15 – Zoe Lacchei

James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera, Miquel Muerto, AndWorld Design (editors: Eric Harburn, Gwen Waller)

This cover variant was exclusive to Trinity Comics. This Zoe Lacchei cover for Boom! Studios captures the essence of the series, while visually differentiating itself from the rest of the series’ covers. It’s much brighter with its all-white background, but Erica Slaughter as a focal point is gorgeous. The cover includes a mini version of the enemies Erica faces, while also including Something is killing the children Basic horror elements by eating blood splattered paper children. This blanket is a beautiful blend of art and horror – without going into the grotesque.

Night wing # 79 – Bruno Redondo

Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, Wes Abbott (Editors: Jessica Chen, Ben Abernathy, Jessica Berbey)

This cover is the second print variant for Night Wing # 79. While most of the covers in the series are amazing, this one is the best of them all. It features a brief visual history of Dick Grayson on a creative rise in one of the characters’ BEST years. The art of Redondo for Night wing is stellar and this blanket is no exception. We can’t wait to see his next adventures – and the new covers he will have – in 2022.

Black Knights of Steel # 1 – Joshua Middleton

Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto (Editor: Marie Javins)

This variant covers for Dark Knights of Steel brings Batman to the fore in a new twist of the name, the Dark Knight. Batman has had changes in his appearance often and he’s appeared on many covers, but Joshua Middleton’s is particularly amazing. The caped crusader is often associated with rocky streets of crime, but the fantastical elements incorporated here don’t detract from its vibe at all. Batman always seems ready for anything, regardless of the universe or the era in which he is artistically cast.

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Primordial # 1 – Bjorn Barends

Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart, Steve Wands (Editor: Greg Lockard)

This variant for Primordial # 1 was one of many and is definitely the best. The Image Comics series deals with animals that went to space as test subjects in the late 1950s, including Laika. Able and Baker, a rhesus monkey and a squirrel monkey respectively, lead this blanket which beautifully mixes the wonders of space with the duo of space explorers.

Alien # 1 – Momoko Fishing

Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Salvador Larroca, Guru eFX, Clayton Cowles (editors: CB Cebulski, Jake Thomas, Shannon Andrews Ballesteros)

2021 has been a great year for Extraterrestrial and Predator, as xenomorphs and yautja have found a new home at Marvel. Peach Momoko has also had an amazing year with many gorgeous comic book covers across many titles. One of his best – and an incredible marker of his artistic style – is this blanket variation for Alien # 1. Momoko is able to render iconic characters (and creatures) both beautiful and deadly. The circular visuals of the xenomorphic eggs and xenomorphic tail, paired with a xenomorphic queen form, create a deadly and spellbinding nest of terror.

Static: Season 1 # 4 – Nikolas Draper-Ivey

Vita Ayala, ChrisCross, Nikolas Draper-Ivy, AndWorld Design (editors: Chris Draper, Marquis Draper)

This blanket for Static: Season 1 is a magnificent double tribute to the manga and the hit anime, Akira, and Static’s roots with Milestone Comics. He puts Virgil Hawkins in Kaneda’s place, using a beautiful watercolor style. He also places the Milestone logo in place of Kaneda’s bike. Static has gradually entered a new future, without losing the heart of who he is and what he means to comic book fans who love Milestone and Static shock.

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Black Panther # 1 – Alex Ross

John Ridley, Juann Cabal, Federico Blee, Joe Sabino (Editors: CB Cebulski, Wil Moss, Kat Gregorowicz)

This cover of the new Black Panther adventure is simply amazing. T’Challa has been to the stars and back, giving him a new worldview. He takes center stage on this awesome cover of comic book legend Alex Ross, though it also features plenty of other Marvel heroes including Blade, She-Hulk, and Captain America. T’Challa – and his ability to stun in comic book covers – knows no bounds.

DC Pride # 1 – Jen Bartel

DC Comic Anthology (editors: Marie Javins, Chris Conroy, Michael McCalister, Jessica Chen, Amedeo Turturro, Andrea Shea, Diego Lopez)

Harley and Ivy have been the DC couple this year and in a Jen Bartel cover variant for DC Pride # 1 it’s no wonder why. They are beautifully represented in this vibrant art that exudes love and beauty. Both friends and lovers, these iconic DC villains never cease to amaze. Bartel has had many amazing covers this year, but this one definitely tops this year’s cover list.

Heroes Reborn # 1 – Jeffrey Veregge

Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Matt Wilson, Cory Petit (Editors: CB Cebulski, Tom Brevoort, Alanna Smith, Martin Biro)

Jeffrey Veregge of the Port Gamble S’Klallam tribe has had many incredible covers. Screen Rant’s pick this year is its variant for Heroes Reborn # 1. It features classic Marvel heroes, as well as its Justice League pastiche team, in a Native American art style. This artistic reimagining of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is magnificent, and the comic book community needs more of Veregge’s style going forward.

Immortal Hulk # 42 – Alex Ross

Al Ewing, Adam Gorham, Rachael Stott, Alex Lins, Joe Bennett, Ruy José, Chris O’Halloran, Paul Mounts, Cory Petit (Editors: Wil Moss, Tom Brevoort, Sarah Brunstad, CB Cebulski)

Alex Ross is an artistic comic book legend, so his inclusion twice in the best comic book covers of the year should come as no surprise. This blanket for Immortal hulk is an amazing interpretation of the triptych painting The Garden of Earthly Delights by Renaissance artist Hieronymus Bosch. The number came out at the start of the year, but could not be exceeded. This series pits the eponymous hero against numerous demons, making Bosch’s work a fitting artistic influence. Immortal Hulk # 42 is the BEST comic book cover of 2021 and we wouldn’t mind having a Hulk-centric triptych.

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