The blonde scene with Ana De Armas, according to some viewers, went too far



Warning: SPOILERS for Blond are ahead!

Much has been said about how unsettling the film adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ book Blond was watching scene after scene. This historical fiction perception of the life of Marilyn Monroe concerns the abuse that was supposedly endured by the Hollywood starlet. But after months of thinking Why Blond was rated NC-17we may have gotten the answer with the sexually brutal scene with viewers saying it went too far.

Towards the third part of Blond, the hardcore scene that probably deserved Blond an NC-17 rating shows Marilyn Monroe, played by Ana de Armas, being escorted to President John F. Kennedy’s bedroom, where she is asked by silent government agents to go to the bathroom to freshen up. Afterwards, she is ushered into Kennedy’s room, where he is on the phone lying on the bed. Kennedy motions for the blonde bombshell to give him a handjob, ironically refuting the other women in his life he’s “molested” over the phone.

While he only speaks to Monroe to tell her to hurry up or move on, he is frustrated with how long she is taking and orders her to perform oral sex on him. There may not be any nudity shown, but director Andrew Dominik shows a close-up of Monroe’s face throughout the act with voice-over narration by Ana de Armas saying “Marilyn” does. that and that Norma Jean Baker, the real Monroe persona, wasn’t even present.

People on Twitter couldn’t help but be offended by this sexually graphic scene. @underherskins tweeted a photo of a Carly Shay from iCarly staring painfully at his computer screen with the caption below:

this scene with jfk is actually crazy… andrew dominik you are going to hell.

Well, Andrew Dominick promised there would be something in Blonde “to offend everyone.” Looks like he got his wish. @theeSNYDERVERSE felt that this scene was “disrespectful” and stopped watching the film after reading this scene. This user clearly watched the movie longer than most, while according to Movie Guidemany netflix users disabled Blond after 20 minutes.

The two-minute blowjob scene filmed with an extreme close-up of Ana DeArmas’ face while she sucks JFK is where I officially and mentally checked. Disrespectful.

@AngieJolieStan hoped the Kennedy family would sue Netflix and everyone behind it Blond for insinuating that JFK raped Marilyn Monroe. Speculation of an affair between Marilyn Monroe and JFK came after Monroe softly sang the president the song “Happy Birthday” at Madison Square Garden, but it was never confirmed that the two were in a serious sexual relationship.

#blonde since Marilyn left no relatives behind, I hope the John F Kennedy family will sue Netflix, Andrew Dominik, Ana de Armas and Brad Pitt for falsely claiming that JFK raped Marilyn. #Me too

@taboodevil called Blond “a sick horror movie” while listing all the things the movie went wrong with. Besides the JFK scene, this user mentioned the nude scenes, the “anti-abortion” scene of Monroe talking to an unborn CGI baby, glamorizing her sanity and more.

All is wrong with the movie’s blonde – Marylin Monroe talks to her unborn cgi baby – all nude shots – JFK scene – glamorizes her sanity – glamorizes SA and DA This whole movie is a sick horror movie #BlondeNetflix

Blond currently has 42% on Rotten Tomatoes with an Audience Score of 32%. Whereas critics praised Ana de Armas’ performance, Twitter responses were brutal on the film as a whole. Many answers said don’t look Blond, calling him words like “sexist” and “disrespectful,” while saying he’s not doing a good job of honoring the life of Marilyn Monroe. It’ll make me wonder if Blond has a chance during awards season, or maybe if only Ana de Armas will get the awards buzz for her performance.

JFK forcing Marilyn Monroe to give him a blowjob seemed like the final straw for many Netflix subscribers. If your curiosity has piqued your interest in what makes people on Twitter so angry at this scene, you can always watch Blond on your Netflix subscription.

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