The Boys Can’t Use Butcher’s Shocking Comics Despite His Powers


The Boys comic takes a dark turn. The series needs to alter Billy Butcher’s arc, as the character has evolved beyond his comic counterpart.

Warning! SPOILERS for The boys comic.

The boys season 3 is coming soon, but its showrunners must avoid ruining Billy Butcher by adapting the comic book’s final story. The series has taken a number of liberties with its source material, but with the season 3 trailer revealing The Boys will get superpowers themselves, it could be gearing up to adapt the final arc of its source material. cartoon. The version of Billy Butcher created by the series is too different for that to work though, and the ending could prove very controversial.

The cartoon version of The boys seemingly ends with the death of Homelander and his even more evil clone, Black Noir. However, in a shocking twist, Billy Butcher transforms from a morally gray anti-hero to a supervillain, as he plans to unleash an explosive strain of Compound V to murder anyone with super DNA, which means that millions of innocent people would die. He is stopped and killed by Hughie, but not before murdering the rest of the team, including Frenchie, the female, and Mother’s Milk. The boys The TV series hasn’t gotten to that point in the plot yet, but Season 3 seems to borrow more from the comics, as a trailer shows Butcher with superpowers, a moment taken from the comics. Season 2 ends with Butcher saving Ryan, Homelander’s super son and Butcher’s wife, Becca, but not before Becca is caught in the crossfire and dies in Billy’s arms.


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It would be a shocking (but ultimately wrong) decision for Butcher to become the series’ final antagonist. Karl Urban’s portrayal of the character is both charming and endearing, and while his hatred of supes is a big part of his personality, the show hints there might be something more to Butcher. His promise to protect Homelander’s son, Ryan, despite representing all of Butcher’s emotional pain, suggests he might change. Turning Butcher into a villain would undo that good progress and shock audiences in the worst possible way, especially since Butcher’s plan would likely include murdering Ryan.

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher sipping tea in The Boys

However, there are several clues that the series could be heading towards this controversial ending. Hughie and Butcher have clashed for both seasons, and Billy has shown that he’s often more concerned with the mission than protecting the other members of The Boys. If Butcher continues down this dark path throughout Season 3 and becomes even more obsessed with killing Homelander and the other members of the Seven, adapting the comic book ending would at least be less surprising.

Yet the showrunners consistently write that Butcher is likable, undermining his more sinister attributes. Combined with Urban’s performance, unless Butcher does something so drastic in Season 3 that he can’t redeem himself, the show could end up frustrating its audience. As game of thrones‘ Daenerys Targaryen became Season 8’s last minute villain, Butcher could feel just as undercooked as the final antagonist of The boys. Given the poor public reception to game of thrones‘ last season would be an incredibly disappointing plot to emulate.

The boys Season 3 seems to follow the comics more closely, but turning Butcher into his ultimate villain would be a mistake. Karl Urban’s performance as Butcher and the redemptive arc the character enjoyed would be undermined and the show would risk frustrating its audience, as would game of thrones done with his handling of Daenerys. The boys can avoid that mistake by taking the story in a new direction – one that makes more sense for this version of Billy Butcher.

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The boys Season 3 premieres June 3.

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