The cost of US comics in the UK will rise by 7.5% next week



This weekend UK comics retailers received the following message from Diamond UK, the international comics distributor which remains the exclusive distributor for Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Boom, Dynamite and others American Comics Publishers in the UK and Irish Direct Marketplace for Comic Shops. as well as many other European destinations. And that’s bad news. The price of American comics, from Diamond UK to comic stories, will increase by 7.5% the following week. This includes many products that were previously ordered at the old prices. Most comic book stores won’t be able to pass on increased costs to customers. Here is the full letter.

Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Dear Diamond UK Retailer,
The uncertain nature of the past 2 ½ years of trading has presented unprecedented challenges that we have never encountered before and working together we have strived to overcome them.
During this time and despite the huge increase in inbound air and sea freight and the various complications and additional costs of our outbound deliveries, we have managed to maintain current UK prices. However, we are constantly monitoring the exchange rate and with the huge decline in the value of the pound sterling throughout 2022 and the sharp increase in the cost of running businesses, we cannot continue with our current prices and as as such, UK prices for comics will increase. effective August 1, 2022. This increase will represent a 7.5% increase and will apply to Category 1 comics for all US import publishers. Please click here for details.
As you all know all discount levels have been maintained since the start of the corona virus pandemic, with the new cost of living crisis we will continue to maintain discount levels throughout 2022 and a review will take place for 2023.
All new orders and all existing orders that remain unfulfilled after August 1, 2022 will be billed at the new price, if you wish to review and change existing orders please contact your customer service representative by Friday July 29 as any inquiries after this date may not be able to be traded (all securities still at FOC will now be FOC at the new price).
We understand that this is not ideal in the current economic climate, but for the reasons mentioned above, we felt that this difficult decision had to be made.
mike holman
Diamond Comic UK Distributors

Currently for a $3.99 comic you can expect to pay between £3.50 and £3.90 in a UK comic book store, whereas the direct comparison between the pound and the dollar would be 3 £.32, the remainder covering additional shipping costs. However, a 7.5% increase could push those prices up to between £3.80 and £4.20. At a time when inflation is hitting the entire UK economy and US prices are under pressure to also rise in the near future, comics are about to get even more expensive this side of the aisle. pond, even more than on that side. .

This is when Titan, Rebellion, Avery Hill, Jonathan Cape, The DLC and others start reminding everyone they exist…

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