The famous author Sabarna Roy offers her ninth literary work


The eminent author, Sabarna Roy, has just completed her ninth literary work: an epistolary novel, which should be published in the winter of 2022/23. This novel is a joint work of Sabarna Roy and his publisher for the last four of his literary works, namely Sita Bhaskar.

This novel, is based on a ballad Sabarna wrote in 2009, titled: Tara, which was published in her first book, Pentacles, in 2010.

The ballad Tara describes the meeting of two high school classmates, namely, Tara and Sandy, who meet fleetingly at Delhi airport after twenty-six years out of high school. A universe opens up before them. They exchange contact details, but surprisingly, they do not contact each other again for the next twelve years.

On January 4, 2022, Sandy writes to Tara as if looking for an anchor. Sandy writes through a series of letters written in a stream of consciousness as if walking through a jagged jungle. Tara responds in a relatively calmer and more composed manner. The ending is brilliant, bringing us back to the short story titled: New Life in Sabarna’s first book, Pentacles.

This epistolary novel touches on the ups and downs of time, space and consciousness. The novel ends with an open ending leaving much to the reader’s imagination and intuition. Language is lucid and authentic, though ideas are made up of many circuits and networks.

Sabarna and Sita readers will expect a captivating book from them.

A pre-publication adda was held at the Taj Bengal Hotel, Kolkata in front of a full house on May 14, 2022, on this book where some of the audience members wanted the authors to write a foreword to the novel. We have been informed that the preface of the novel is written by Maithili Rao.

Sabarna Roy, as we all know, is a highly awarded author. In fact, recently, Sabarna Roy was awarded Best Author to Watch 2022 at Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave Delhi organized by Business Connect, and Best Author in Indian English Literature of 2022 at Ninth Asia Education Summit 2022.

Sabarna Roy received a confirmation letter from the Confederation of International Accreditation Commissions [CIAC] Global Foundation declaring that he will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Arts, Honoris Causa, from Azteca University, Mexico, for his contribution to post-modern Indian writing in English.

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