The High Ground Tie-in Comic Arrives in October


With the planned release of by James Cameron Avatar: The Way of the Water just a few months away, a new tie-in comic series is now available for pre-order on Amazon, which may give fans a little taste of the franchise before the next film is released. The comic book series, titled Avatar: The Heights, will debut in October later this year by Dark Horse Comics. The series is written by Sherri L. Smith (The apprentice toymaker) with illustrations by Guilherme Balbi.

Serve as a prequel to Avatar: The Way of the Water, the comedy series will center on Jake Sully and Neytiri as they once again have to deal with the threat of the GDR after settling in with a family. The series will be based on an abandoned story idea Cameron had while developing the Avatar suites. Volume 1 of the series is now available for pre-order and will be released on October 25, featuring Jake and Neytiri ready for battle as they wield their own weapons.


Alongside the first comic in the series, the second volume is also available for pre-order and will be released on December 6. The comic’s cover features a unique and striking image of Jake Sully alongside various spacesuit-wearing Na’vi battling. outside of Pandora’s atmosphere. Teasing some interesting settings, fans will be able to see the original storyline when the comic is released later this year.

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Avatar: The High Ground will be the third comic book series based on the franchise after Avatar: Path of Tsu’teywhich focuses on the character Tsu’tey during the events of the first film, and Avatar: The Next Shadowwhich directly follows Avatar. Next Avatar: The Heightsanother comic book series will debut in February 2023 titled, Avatar: adapt or die, which takes place a decade before the original film and will focus on Dr. Grace Augustine. Dark Horse also released an Avatar solo comic on Free Comic Book Day in 2017, which focused on Jake’s connection to the Great Leonopteryx.

As fans wait for the comic to be released, they can also check out DK’s The World of Avatar: A Visual Exploration which features the flora and fauna of Pandora while introducing some of the sea creatures that will appear in the second film. With a new comic series on the way with anticipation for the upcoming sequel continuing to build, Avatar fans can be pleased that the series is finally gaining a new boost in pop culture.

The first volume of Avatar: The Heights will be released on October 25 and can be pre-ordered now. Avatar: The Way of the Water will be released exclusively in theaters on December 16. Watch the trailer below:

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