The most popular book settings in the United States


Books are a great form of escape. Thanks to them, we can travel to any corner of the planet, however remote – we can even travel to planets not yet discovered, or those born purely in the imagination of writers throughout history. . Other books act as how-to guides to places we want to visit, guiding us through where to see and what to do.

Likewise, we can use books to learn about the places where we live and work – whether it’s classic fiction or modern realism, diving into a book about your neighborhood will introduce you to layers you never knew existed. existence and give you the chance to see, hear and smell your hometown again.

The most popular book settings in each US state

The only difficulty with this is how to find the right books on the right places. Are you going on vacation to New York or Los Angeles? Then you’ll probably have no problem finding plenty of reading material, but then you’ll be faced with the tyranny of too much choice. But what if you’re heading to a lesser-known location — Bloomington, Indiana or Black Hills, South Dakota — or want to learn more about a specific neighborhood or neighborhood rather than the whole city?

For wheelchair travelers around the world, there’s a new Crossword-Solver tool that uses data from Goodreads to help you find the closest set of books to the places you’re interested in – just enter a postcode and see what you can find: find books near you.

The data provides some interesting facts. New York City is the most popular literary setting in the United States with some 2,609 books, followed closely by LA, Chicago and San Francisco. Every novel set in Pearl Harbor is listed under the historical genre on Goodreads. And back to Bloomington, Indiana, where we find an impressive 92.59% of all books there fall into the romance novel category – so now you know where to go for this weekend. birthday!

The most popular states for book settings

Broken down by the six most popular genres, we find that Arizona’s Blue Ridge Mountains are the number one setting for fantasy novels, while in the same state, Bisbee is the focus for Mystery books. Sci-fi fans should head to Spokane, Washington, where, unsurprisingly, in the Thriller genre, the nation’s capital ranks as the most popular location.

You can see the top ten placements for books in the six major genres on Goodreads and understand the methodology used to create them here.

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