The Phantom Never Dies Audio Documentary by Josie and the Podcast Host


A new audio documentary comes from author and radio personality Maria Lewis, chronicling the story of The ghostthe costumed adventurer who has graced the pages of newspapers, comic books and beyond since 1936. Predating Batman and Superman, The Phantom was created by cartoonist Lee Falk and first appeared in 1936. The character was featured on TV, film, comic books and newspaper comics, but Lewis delves into the story behind the story, focusing on the creation of The Phantom and how the character came to be. one of the world’s most instantly recognizable characters…and why he doesn’t get as much credit as other characters of his time.

Australian author Who is afraid ? series of novels, Lewis has worked as a journalist for the BBC, Buzzfeed, Bloody Disgusting and many other outlets. In 2020, she and Blake Howard released the podcast miniseries Josie and the Podcats, examining the history and legacy of the 2001 Josie and the Pussycats movie, which went from box office bombshell to cult classic.

“A significant portion of my 2020s and 2021s was spent working on a green-lit audio documentary by Nova Podcasts called The ghost never dies“, Lewis told his fans via the newsletter, adding, “It’s a limited series – so six episodes and then we’re out – and myself and producer Elise Cooper are diving into the story of the first superhero. of the world, The Phantom. If you are Australian, Indian or Swedish, The Phantom is probably a character that is still very important to you. For everyone, he’s a somewhat forgotten character, especially considering he predates Superman, Wonder Woman, and the like. Through multiple lockdowns, pandemic shutdowns, interstate and international conversations, we dove into the pop culture etymology of a character who once undermined the Nazis, inspired multiple resistance movements, was so popular Batman was created to copy it and much more. It’s a luscious deep dive we’ve been working on for so long, so we can’t wait for Phans to listen.”

For most Americans, unless you pay attention to the comics, chances are your most recent experience with The Phantom was Billy Zane’s 1996 film based on him, which just missed the start of the x-men/Spider Man/Blade– revival inspired by non-Batman superhero movies.

New episodes of The ghost never dies started airing on February 15, so you can subscribe to it on your podcast platform of choice now and dig in.

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