The Salisbury author will discuss a new book on September 16


SALISBURY — Resident of Salisbury Bruce McEverBerkshire Global Advisors founder, author and poet, recently released his new book, Many Paths, “a tale of a life well lived,” according to a statement.

Readers will learn that the author’s life has had its share of outsized successes and deep valleys. For the most part there have been great friends, love and encouragement; a great mother; and a complicated relationship with a high-achieving father.

According to, “Many Paths is the story of a successful businessman, Bruce McEver, founder of Berkshire Capital and global pioneer in investment banking, who is devastated by the sudden and unexpected death of his wife. thirty years old, a beautiful and talented opera singer who shared this life with him and gave it meaning The day after he died, Christmas morning, in a barn on the farm where he and his wife lived together , Bruce experiences a hierophany – a physical manifestation of the sacred and holy. Incredulous as to its veracity, the revelation of his vision to his minister launches Bruce on a journey around the world, Harvard Divinity School, Joseph Lectures Campbell, summer poetry workshops, pulpits, new loves and lost loves, health crises and new affairs.Many Paths is heartfelt, honest, unwavering and loaded on every page with humor and grace.It takes an understated vision. depicted from the traditional autobiography her, tracing a full and unique life that weaves entrepreneurial, spiritual, intellectual, philanthropic and artistic paths. In this way, Many Paths follows in the tradition of Augustine’s Confessions, JR Moehringer’s The Tender Bar and Jack Welch’s Jack: Straight from the Gut.

Profits will be donated to the Foundation for Religious Literature.

Among other media appearances, McEver has guest starred on James Miller’s Lifeology and Justin Foster’s The Third Way.

McEver is hosting a book release event at the Scoville Memorial Library in Salisbury, at 5.30pm on September 16. For more information on the event, visit

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