The San Diego Comic Fest returns in person


San Diego Comic Fest bills itself as “the friendly, intimate experience of comic convention.” And this year he can also boast of being back in person from April 21.

The last in-person San Diego Comic Fest took place in March 2020, just days before the pandemic shut down everything.

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This year, the festival will celebrate the belated 100th birthday of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and it has a new president in Alonso Nunez of Little Fish Comic Book Studio.

Nunez sees Comic Fest as a low-key complement to Comic-Con’s pop culture mega-convention.

“I love Comic-Con, but for us, it’s really a chance to humanize the medium, to get these personal stories from these creators, old and new, longtime creators, emerging creators, local creators who are here in San Diego, and to really give the fans a chance to really participate,” Nunez said. “What you’re going to get is just an intimate and really ground-level experience where you meet professionals, you meet a lot of legends, you meet journalists, all these really exciting people in a really accessible way.”

Bill Nericcio

Beth Pollard, Bill Nericcio, Walter Penrose and Pamela Jackson during a panel at San Diego Comic Fest 2020. March 2020

Full programming information is available online. The Comics at SDSU team (pictured above) who had a panel at last Comic Fest in-person will have an in-person panel on Friday about horror, masculinity, and desire in 1950s comics. this year will be Elizabeth Pollard, William Nericcio and Greg Daddis.

San Diego Comic Fest takes place Thursday through Sunday at Four Points by Sheraton on Aero Drive. And tickets can be purchased in advance or even at the door.

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