The Walking Dead creator explains how One Massacre made the series a mega-hit



Spoilers for The Walking Dead: Deluxe #48!The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman admits that one of the show’s biggest moments, the shocking prison massacre, really made the comic book series a mega-hit. Kirkman admitted that unexpectedly killing several characters in the issue, including Lori and Judith, was meant to catch readers off guard. The writer’s goal was achieved as the shocking moment came as a total surprise and resulted in increased sales for the series.


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular comic books and TV series of all time, as Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard skillfully crafted a story about survival in a zombie apocalypse where the walking dead weren’t always there. the greatest threats in the world. Currently, Skybound and Image Comics are republishing The Walking Dead in a deluxe format, with each issue printed in full color for the first time. The issues also feature Kirkman discussing some of the comics’ most iconic moments, including the prison massacre of The Walking Dead #48, which the writer says was one of the biggest moments in the show’s success.

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In The Walking Dead: Deluxe #48 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Dave McCaig, and Rus Wooton of Image and Skybound Comics, Kirkman discussed the prison massacre in the issue which featured several deaths. In the shootout/zombie attack, Patricia, Billy, Alice, Hershel, the Governor, and Lori and Judith Grimes are all killed in the chaos and calamity of the prison. Kirkman admitted he knows he admitted to “spicing things up” and keeping people guessing with one of the show’s biggest moments – leading to the deaths of a ton of people in the single issue.

The Great Prison Massacre Made The Walking Dead An Even Bigger Hit

Kirkman shared that the deadly problem was one of The Walking Dead the biggest moments, as the prison massacre led to the comic book selling out and “really cemented this book as something special”. As Kirkman pointed out, zig when readers expected the zag story to eventually lead to The Walking Dead bloodiest and most shocking issue, as the deaths, especially those of Lori and Judith, were something readers would never have guessed.

Lori Grimes’ death at the hands of the Governor’s forces during The Walking Dead prison massacre remains an incredibly dark scene and one of the greatest moments of the entire series. Robert Kirkman decided to shake things up in depth, which resulted in a problem of The Walking Dead it confirmed that the series could be not just a well-read comic, but a mega-hit. The massacre made the comic even more unpredictable and proved The Walking Dead still had a lot of huge moments and stories to tell. The Prison Massacre arc was a bold move that paid off.

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