These are the 4 books that will have a film in 2022



Each year, ten soap operas who sweep the world with their sales, are brought to the big screen to become another hit. Examples of this are Gucci House, The green knight, the last duel oh Alley of nightmares, all mega productions with renowned directors at the helm. After a 2021 with adaptations of all kinds, next year promises to redouble the bet with new books that will have their movie. Review the list!

+ 4 books that will have a film in 2022

4. The nightingale

At 2015, Kristin hannah Public the Nightingaleand. It is a historical fiction in which the protagonists are two sisters living in France at the time of the outbreak of the Second World War. Next year, Elle Fanning and Dakota Fanning will be tasked with telling this heartbreaking survival story, under the direction of Melanie Lauren and the scenario adapted from Dana stevens.

3. The Killers of the Flowering Moon

Killers of the Moon: Oil, Money, Murder, and the FBI Manufacturing. This is the name of the book of David Grann in which he expands on the murders of the Osage tribe of the United States under mysterious circumstances. In this sense, the FBI is launching a national investigation. Adaptation is in the hands of Martin scorsese and will have a prestigious cast led by Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brendan Fraser, among others.

2. Blond

Anne of arms just signed to be the star of ghost alongside Chris Evans, with whom he will also play The gray man for Netflix. However, another premiere which has her as the main actress will arrive in 2022. It is about Blond, based on the bestseller of Joyce Carol Oates, in which he tells about the private life of Marilyn Monroe with some fictitious accents. It will be led by André Dominique.

1. Deep water

Blond won’t be the only outing with Anne of arms: will also play alongside Ben affleck the film Deep waters. This psychological thriller published in 1957 through Patricia highsmith will have its film adaptation directed by Adrien lyne. It tells the story of a man who allows his wife to have relations with lovers to avoid divorce. But when they start to disappear, he becomes the prime suspect.

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