Thor, the God of Thunder goes to war in Weird Comics #2, up for auction



There were several comic book depictions of the mythological god Thor before the famous Marvel character we know today appeared. Journey into the Mystery #83 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. These include versions that have appeared in comics such as Adventure comics #75 (June 1942), Boy Commandos #7 (Summer 1944), Tales of the unexpected #16 (August 1957), and Charlton’s Out of This World #11 (January 1959). Marvel itself had released a previous version of Thor which debuted in Venus #12 (February 1951). There have been others. But one of the first and most interesting of them was Thor, the god of thunder who made his debut in Weird Comics #1 of the artist Pierce the rice. The adventures of this Thor took place in Weird Comics #1-5and while every issue of this Fox Feature series is hard to get, there is a Weird Comics #2 Incomplete (Fox Features Syndicate, 1940) Condition: FR Up for auction at the June 12-13, 2022 Sunday & Monday Comics auction Select Auction #122224 from Heritage Auctions.

Weird Comics #2 with Thor (Fox Features Syndicate, 1940)

Rice’s Thor has some of the same key attributes as the Silver Age Marvel’s Thor, even beyond the parallels built into the base mythology. This weird comics Thor is a mortal who has received the power of the god. He can fly and also wields his hammer in the same way, like a ranged weapon that seems to return to him after throwing it. Oddly, this rather interesting version of Thor was replaced after five issues by a completely different character called Dynamite Thor, who wasn’t based on Norse mythology at all. It’s hard not to wonder if this was another dispute between rival publishers, which Victor Fox often found himself embroiled in. Despite the mythological underpinnings of many versions of Thor’s character, it should be noted that Top notch comics #1 from publisher MLJ featured a character called Thor who, although not a god, was a Viking warrior who looked the part. This character debuted about four months before the Fox version. Anyway, even Dynamite Thor only lasted two issues, being replaced in Weird Comics by the electric character Dynamo. Dynamo himself had debuted in the Fox title Science comicsand had changed his name from Electro after a likely argument over a character of the same name in Marvel Mystery Comics.

All those historically significant and hard-to-get Foxes weird comics problems are worth looking for, and there is a Weird Comics #2 Incomplete (Fox Features Syndicate, 1940) Condition: FR plus several other issues of weird comics auctioned at Heritage Auctions’ Sunday & Monday Comics Auction June 12-13, 2022 #122224. If you have never bid on Heritage Auctions before, you can get more information, you can check out their FAQ on the bidding process and related questions.

Weird Comics #2 incomplete (Fox Features Syndicate, 1940) Condition: FR. Cover by Lou Fine. Don Rica art. The back cover is missing. Incomplete. Overstreet 2021 GD 2.0 value = $486.

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