Thunderbolts add a new Marvel monster to their team roster



A new Marvel monster is the Thunderbolts’ new recruit. Marvel recently launched a new volume of Love at first sight in the fallout from the Daredevil event reign of the devil. Along with New York City Mayor Luke Cage, he takes on the Thunderbolts name from ousted Wilson Fisk and fills the team with heroes such as Hawkeye, America Chavez, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau), Persuasion and Gutsen Glory. They managed to put the evil Thunderbolts behind bars, but their next mission pits them against a strange monster who ends up joining the team.

WARNING: Spoilers for Thunderbolts #2 follow below. Proceed at your own risk!

Love at first sight #2 comes from the creative team of Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, Java Tartaglia, and VC’s Joe Sabino. It starts with Clint Barton showing up late to a Thunderbolts press conference, which Luke Cage is forced to handle in Clint’s absence. After Hawkeye awkwardly answers some questions from the press, an emergency at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) causes the conference to end and the Thunderbolts spring into action. The only members available are Hawkeye, Power Man, Persuasion, and Gutsen Glory, who find a strange creature entertaining a group of friends inside the MET.

The monster speaks an unintelligible language that leaves Persuasion stunned when she tries to take control of it. Power Man and Gutsen Glory fare no better, leaving America Chavez to clean up the mess. After the dust settles and the monster is defeated, we learn that it’s called Eegro the Unbreakable, hailing from Monster Isle, home to many iconic Marvel monsters. Eegro says he went to the MET to make sure the museum had an accurate depiction of him, although there was none on hand.

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

Eegro made such a lasting and positive impression on the kids that the Thunderbolts public relations contact added him to the team. Hawkeye tries to make a fuss, but he’s only the leader of the Thunderbolts. He also had no say when the other members were initially announced. Also, Hawkeye was more of a fallback plan, since Luke Cage originally wanted Monica Rambeau to lead the team. They all end up putting on their happy faces to take a new team photo.

Jim Zub revealed some details about Eegro the Unbreakable in an interview with ahead of the new Love at first sight revive.

“Eegro the Unbreakable is Sean and I tipping our hats to something else, the glorious old-school Kirby creatures of the 1960s,” Zub said. “His name, visuals and attitude play on those amazing monster comic book tropes and Sean’s cover for issue 2 leans into that as well. Eegro talks about himself in third person, is 100 sure % of its own abilities and has a narcotic We believe the ultimate attack will surprise and amuse readers at a key moment in history.”

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

Do you think Eegro the Unbreakable makes a good addition to the Thunderbolts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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