Titan Comics’ Blade Runner 2039 #2 Covers Bring Back Fan-Favorite Characters (Exclusive)



A cast of fan-favorite characters are featured on the covers of Blade Runner 2039. The new 12-issue series from Titan Comics and Alcon Publishing is billed as the final chapter in the decades-long saga starring the female Blade Runner known as Aahna “Ash” Ashina. Its story began in 2019 with Blade Runner 2019 and continued in Blade Runner 2029. Ash will come into conflict with Luv – Niander Wallace’s mortal “first angel”, first seen in the Blade Runner 2049 film. Blade Runner 2039 expands the popular and critically acclaimed Titan Comics blade runner comic book titles, which include Blade Runner 2019, Blade Runner 2029, Blade Runner: Originsand his last entry Blade Runner: Black Lotusan extension of the nominated anime television series.

ComicBook.com has the exclusive cover reveal for Blade Runner 2039 #2 by writer Mike Johnson (Supergirl, Star Trek), the artist Andrés Guinaldo (Justice League Dark) and colorist Marco Lesko. The story in issue #2 finds a mysterious figure from Ash’s past who brings her back into the action. All of the covers come from artists Kendrick Lim, Veronica Fish, and Syd Mead, the famed “futurist” designer responsible for visualizing much of the world of Blade Runner.

“This new series marks both the continuation and conclusion of Ash’s story, which began in Blade runner 2019. It will be the most dramatic of the series, and that says a lot after what happened in Blade Runner 2029said David Leach, Titan Comics Chief Creative Editor. “It’s great to be working with Johnson, Guinaldo and Lesko again, those guys are what make Blade Runner scream!”

“It’s refreshing to have a comic book character to grow and evolve like Ash did,” noted Alcon’s publishing director Jeff Conner. “Mike and Andres are definitely doing something special. Fans of the show should be thrilled.”

With covers for Blade Runner 2039 #2, on sale January 4, 2023, we also have the covers for Blade Runner 2039 #1, on sale December 7 as well, which you can find below. The Blade Runner 2039 can be purchased from PreviewsWorld in the US and Forbidden Planet in the UK/Europe.

  • BLADE RUNNER 2039 #2
  • Screenwriter: Mike Johnson,
  • Artist: Andrés Guinaldo
  • Colorist: Marco Lesko
  • FC, 32pp, $3.99, on sale January 4, 2023
  • A figure from Ash’s distant past brings the disgraced and battle-weary ex-Blade Runner back into action.
  • Cover A: Kendrick Lim
  • Cover B: Veronica Fish
  • Cover C: Syd Mead
  • BLADE RUNNER: 2039 #1
  • Author(s): Mike Johnson, Mellow Brown
  • Artist(s): Andres Guinaldo
  • Colorist: Marco Lesko
  • Publisher: Titan Comics
  • HR, 32pp, $3.99
  • On sale: December 7, 2022
  • Los Angeles 2039. It’s been three years since Niander Wallace launched his brand of “perfectly obedient” replicants, and the ban on synthetic humans has been lifted, at least for new Wallace models – Tyrell Corp’s older Nexus 8 units are always hunted. by Blade Runners. Cleo Selwyn, first seen as a small child in 2019’s Blade Runner, returned to Los Angeles some 20 years later in search of Isobel, a replicating copy of her real mother who died at the age of three years. Cleo thinks Niander Wallace is holding Isobel captive, and the only person she can ask for help is the one who rescued her so many years ago: Aahna ‘Ash’ Ashina, now an ex-Blade Runner. aging and dishonored.

Blade Runner 2039 #2 Cover A by Kendrick Lim

(Picture: Titan Comics)

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Blade Runner 2039 #2 Cover B by Veronica Fish

(Picture: Titan Comics)

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Blade Runner 2039 #2 Cover C by Syd Mead

(Picture: Titan Comics)

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Blade Runner 2039 #1 Cover A by Junggeun Yoon

(Picture: Titan Comics)

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Blade Runner 2039 #1 Cover B by Veronica Fish


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Blade Runner 2039 #1 Cover C by Syd Mead

(Picture: Titan Comics)

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Blade Runner 2039 #1 Cover D by Butch Guice

(Picture: Titan Comics)


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