Two new children’s anthologies tell stories about the Indian royal family and mythology


Two new children’s books of 15 stories give readers insight into the royal family’s kingdoms, courts, palaces and battlefields, which shaped India’s values ​​and made their place for always in the epics, the legends and the history of the country.

”The Queen Who Ruled the Waves” and ”The King Who Turned into a Serpent”, written by authors Indira Ananthakrishnan and Sudha Madhavan respectively, aim to bring ”the story close to readers’ hearts” ‘. Both are published by Hachette India.

Both books shed light on little-known facets of extraordinary rulers and mythological figures, including Veerapandiya Kattabomman, Krishnadevaraya, Rani Abbakka, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Yudhishthira, Nahusha, and Bhoja, among others.

”A historian would present facts and figures with precision. But in order for the reader to enjoy the history and feel proud of the country, this book features episodes from the lives of some bravehearts who have lived their lives to preserve the country’s pristine glory – whether in the field of art and architecture or its protection. invasions – spanning ancient and medieval times to India under the British,” Ananthakrishnan told PTI. ”We took care not to distort the facts but simply to embellish them with a certain creativity. History textbooks cannot be expected to waste words on such embellishments,” she added.

Whether it’s a princess who inspired a cowherd to become a great poet, a queen gifted in war, or a king who composed over 400 songs, the books are filled with many thrilling stories. which promise to leave children amazed with their color and imagery.

“This collection of stories is a sincere effort to bring the thrilling mythological stories I had heard as a child to children today in the most authentic way,” Madhavan said of “The King Who Sworn ‘is transformed into a serpent’.

The books are currently available for sale in offline and online stores.

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