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An elementary school art teacher’s care for a bird inspired two Ursuline students to publish an award-winning bilingual children’s book.

Twins Bella and Ava Lindia are the author and illustrator of the book respectively El Amigo Eternothe by-product of a Spring 2021 Global Scholars Program, which is now available for sale on Amazon.

El Amigo Eterno was one of 11 books that won the competition and obtained the right to be published.

Bella first wrote the story in English, loosely based on her elementary art teacher at MOT Charter.

“She told us this story about how she fed a bird that came to the windowsill through a woolen sock.”

In El Amigo Eternoa Peruvian girl named Bernadette is the centerpiece of the story, encountering a bird on a windowsill there.

The location made it a perfect place to tell the story in both English and Spanish.

“If it was only English, it wouldn’t be so special, because we’re both really interested in Spanish, and it’s special for us that not only English speakers, but also Spanish, can both learn,” Ava said following a special presentation and dedication for Ursuline elementary students on Wednesday.

You can buy El Amigo Eterno to Amazon.

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