Warrington author publishes fourth novel about the Roman Empire


A Warrington author has published his fourth book in a collection of “excellent” and “intriguing” novels set in the fascinating era of ancient Rome.

Fiona Forsyth of Winwick has released her latest and final tale in the popular trilogy titled ‘Blood and Shadows’.

The thrilling tale follows the life of young Roman lawyer, Lucius Sestius, taking the reader through the turbulent era of the “brutal” assassination of Julius Caesar and the “Battle of Philippi”.

Fiona describes this pivotal period as one that “has it all” with “wars, political upheavals and big people”.

She said: “I studied classics at Oxford and then taught Latin and Greek at Manchester Grammar School for 25 years. I wanted to write about the Romans for years. I find twisted politics fascinating and every character, like Caesar or Marc Antony or Cleopatra, is larger than life.

“I feel like I’ve been researching my novels all my life, teaching Latin and Roman history for so many years. My shelves are groaning with all the books I’ve collected over the years. I visited Rome, Ostia and Pompeii, and during lockdown I found Google Earth very useful. But in the end, you have to mix all that research with a healthy dose of imagination. Knowing exactly how a Roman house was built is one thing, filling it with characters is another.

Fiona returned to Warrington recently after living in Qatar for six years where she started writing novels and is now determined to make her mark as a writer of historical fiction.

The Roman title trilogy includes; “End of Rome”, “The Handmaid of the Emperor” and “The Third Daughter”.

Fiona will appear at St Oswald’s Church Open Day with fellow author Jackson Beck on Saturday September 17.

‘Blood and Shadows’ is available on Ebook now and will soon be released in paperback.

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