What are the best horror comics of 2022?



Halloween is right around the corner, and with all the horror movie marathons many genre fans will be celebrating with, there are just as many comics worth revisiting. There are plenty of newer genre entries that could easily end up on any reader’s personal favorites list. Some of these titles may have flown under the radar, but they each have something to offer worth considering when looking at the best horror comics of the past year.


Famed creator Joe Hill helped usher in a whole new kind of apocalypse this year with Rain (by Hill, David M. Booher and Zoe Thorogood). Rain explores the end of the world seen through the eyes of Honeysuckle Speck. Before she can start a new life with her girlfriend Yolanda, Honeysuckle is forced to watch the love of her life and the rest of the world end prematurely in the rain as crystal shards smash their way through. everything and everyone in its path. What follows is a beautifully deadly natural disaster unlike anything readers have ever seen.

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Nightmare stuff

Nightmare stuff marks the first comic book series owned by the creator of legendary horror author RL Stine, as well as his long-awaited return to the medium. Alongside artist AL Kaplan, Stine’s latest work features a dark and grotesque plot that’s both more surreal and gruesome than most fans expected. Rather than a Goose bumps style, primarily a child-friendly anthology, Nightmare stuff harkens back to the golden age of horror comics while establishing itself as a modern monster tale that’s sure to spin out of control quickly. What he sets up seems doomed to take over the entire planet, while the unsuspecting heroes at his center seem utterly incapable of saving themselves, let alone the world.

I hate this place

Also published by Skybound is I hate this place (by Kyle Starks and Artyom Topilin). This isolated and sprawling supernatural tale is a cross between nearly every subgenre a given horror hound could possibly name. The story has it all – ghosts, home invasion and crime, with zombies and aliens thrown in for good measure. All of this turns Trudy and Gabby’s inherited property into a chaotic and terrifying “fun house.” With the help of Gabby’s deceased parents, the show’s leading ladies are able to fend for themselves despite the myriad monsters lurking around every corner. I hate this place provides genuine scares throughout its pages.

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The Vampire Slayer

buffy the vampire slayer is without a doubt one of the most iconic horror series of all time. Not only did the 1997 TV show bring horror to the small screen in a way that had been largely rejected until then, it also perfected the monster of the week format that became a staple of future shows such that Supernatural and The Winchesters. After 25 years of getting to know iconic characters from the small screen, Sarah Gailey and Sonia Liao The Vampire Slayer subverted the expectations of all fans by upending the status quo of the Scooby Gang. Willow Rosenberg is now the Slayer, and although she stole that coat from Buffy, the fact that no one wants to do anything about it only makes the situation more dangerous.


As The Vampire Slayer changed everything fans thought they knew about their favorite characters, Christopher Cantwell and Daniel Bayliss Angel did the exact same thing for the other Buffy-Verse fan favorite. The titular vampire with a soul may still be slaying demons at night as head of Angel Investigations, but he’s also the face of his often-eerily exploit-based reality’s hit TV show. similar. Between trying to run a successful media franchise, saving the world from things that happen at night, and multiple interdimensional visitors, Angel and his allies are all well in their respective elements, no matter how overwhelming the odds may seem.

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little monsters

Many stories have explored what being a vampire would mean to a child, but Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen little monsters offers readers an experience that other titles do not. Following a group of children living in the rubble of a dark world, little monsters finds its pint-sized protagonists surviving on their own before being discovered by unsuspecting humans whose very existence threatens everything the eponymous children know about themselves. Miraculously, even after collapsing, the core group’s story is far from over, which doesn’t bode well for those caught in their path and for readers who follow.

With repression against She-Hulk: Lawyer and efforts to dismantle studios such as bat girl, Thieves Gallery could not have come at a more appropriate time. Made by Declan Shalvey, Hannah Rose May and Justin Mason, Thieves Gallery finds a disgruntled group of “fans” descending on Maisie Wade’s house. TV actress and superfan whose career as Red Rogue culminated in personal displeasure and critical outcry, Maisie’s first attempt to rob Maisie’s house over a vintage comic almost immediately turns into a killing spree . Described as a cross between The purge and Scream, Thieves Gallery is more than worth reading for anyone with a proclivity for tight, tense terror or lavish, blood-soaked cosplay.

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