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Andor is the latest Star Wars series on Disney+, and there are only three episodes left of its first season. The show has been quite dark and we have seen some deaths throughout the episodes before. Last week’s episode saw Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) being sent to Narkina 5 to begin his six-year prison sentence. His block is led by fellow inmate Kino Loy (Andy Serkis) who keeps his head down and plays by the rules. However, that might change after the latest episode revealed dark secrets about the prison.

Andor and the other prisoners are forced into hard labor with terrifying consequences: if your team is the slowest to build their pieces, they are electrocuted. This week, an older inmate named Ulaf (Christopher Fairbank) suffered a stroke from extremely grueling work, and Kino and Andor stood by his side while a doctor came to see him. He claimed he couldn’t help Ulaf and euthanized him while hinting that he would never be free anyway. After rumors circulate about trouble in another block, Andor and Kino learn a dark truth: prisoners aren’t actually sent home when their sentence is over. Based on Andor and Kino’s last moment, it looks like a jailbreak could be in the future of the series. While Ulaf wasn’t a character we knew well, his tragic death carried a lot of weight and it’s clear his passing will set big things in motion.

Does Andy Serkis play Snoke in Andor?

This isn’t Serkis’ first time in Star Wars. He also played Snoke in the sequel trilogy. However, Kino Loy is a completely different character. “It’s difficult because I’m sure [a Snoke origin is] exactly what people will think,” Serkis explained to vanity lounge. “And why would other people think? I was a little confused as to whether or not I should, but that was only because I like A thug. I absolutely loved the grounding of this film in a world that was both real and epic.” He continued, “What I imagined of Kino’s backstory, before he was in prison, was c was that he was a union leader. He used to work as a foreman. I wanted him to come from a place where he was put in jail for, maybe, standing up for workers’ rights and then put in a position of authority because that’s what he does. He is a natural leader. But he really just wants to do his time. He has a family.”

Andor releases new episodes on Disney+ on Wednesdays.

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