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With a new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in the works that promises to be huge, sights are set on the company’s legendary heroes and villains that might appear. With fan favorites Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn and the caped crusader himself Batman, there’s already a rich pool from which co-CEOs James Gunn and Saffron Stone can choose. Lobo is a lesser-known pick that’s on the minds of diehard DC fans. From a misleading name to an ever-changing style in the comics, this ruthless anti-hero from the planet Czarnia can be a little hard to pin down, so here’s a closer look at the chaotic bounty hunter from the comics and… television.


A Brief Comic Book History of Lobo

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Lobo first appeared in DC comics in the 1980s as a villainous alien with purple hair, pupilless crimson eyes, and a tight purple and orange leotard, but since then has undergone several makeovers. dramatic and characterization fluctuations. In the 1990s, DC reintroduced a more muscular and feared Lobo in biker gear as the lead in its own series of bounty-hunting adventures. Primarily adapted as a satirical response to Marvel’s Punisher and Wolverine, two depictions of a darker era of comics, fans of the 90s grit quickly looked beyond the parody element and fervently embraced this new Lobo.

Despite being cemented as a fan favorite in this style, Lobo has since appeared in everything from pirate attire to bishop robes, with a wild mane to a suave pompadour, and battling DC superheroes. as well as with them. His powerful abilities also wavered. In some books he has the ability to clone himself, in others a powerful sense of smell which he uses to track his bounty across the galaxies. Navigating these wild changes can make him one of the most difficult comic book characters to define, but certain consistencies persist throughout Lobo’s changing saga.

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The one who devours your insides and enjoys it thoroughly

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The most obvious congruence in each iteration of this mercurial character is Lobo’s past. He is a Czarnian, originally from the alien planet, Czarnia. His heritage is the source of his seemingly limitless physical strength, which allows him to match, and sometimes better, the often unbeatable Superman, even without the aid of kryptonite. His long list of other powers includes super speed that can surpass The Flash, regenerative powers up to immortality, spotting rivals’ weaknesses with just a glance, heightened sense of smell, genius intellect and even, at some point. , the ability to clone oneself from a single drop of blood. The finale of these was mostly removed after LEGION, though, in the anime series young justicehe reappears when thousands of tiny Lobo clones appear from droplets of his spilled blood.

Many of these powers would be shared by other Czarnians, and despite the extreme strengths of its inhabitants, Czarnia was once a stable and peaceful utopia. That is, until Lobo unleashes a plague of deadly mutated scorpions killing everyone on his home world. For the majority of his comic, Lobo describes himself as “The Last Czarnian”, but perhaps another managed to escape his heinous annihilation. Comic book spoilers aside, Czarnia wouldn’t be the only planet to fall to Lobo’s impulsive wrath, as rumors circulate that he once slaughtered an entire planet for not getting him a proper cigar. It’s no wonder that, despite its misleading false friend the Spanish “lobo” meaning “wolf”, in the Tsarnian language “Lobo” translates to “He who devours your entrails and takes full advantage of it”.

Easily one of DC’s most heartless and forgiving characters, Lobo often falls on the villain side. In a special Christmas comic, Lobo even beheads a darker version of Santa Claus. However, the writers gave him a few special traits to compensate for his ruthless nature. As a bounty hunter, Lobo lives by the strict principle that once given his word, he will fulfill it no matter what. This code led him to fight for justice alongside former rivals. As a Czarnian for Hire, he always sides with whoever pays the most and, as a result, sometimes plays the hero. He also has a soft spot for space dolphins, which he protects and nurtures. In the comics, Lobo’s only loves are cigars and those graceful creatures that occupy the void of space. Which refreshingly steers it away from the often recursive tropes that shroud superheroes in love interests. Despite his lone wolf tendencies, he manages to form a few lasting friendships along the way, which adds to the duality of tough and soft that blends into his complex identity.

Beyond comics

Lobo TV Series

Easily one of DC’s most famous characters by comic book readers and connoisseurs, Lobo has had very few cases of jumping from the illustrated page. With such a huge audience that even included the late Marvel luminary Stan Lee, it’s a shock that Lobo doesn’t have a feature film to his name yet. He appeared in a handful of DC animated series, such as Superman: The Animated Series, young justiceand Justice League Actionas well as his own short-lived series, Lobo, which has been largely forgotten. The majority of these anime TV appearances use the bounty hunter as a pipe dream for the main superhero, none more so than this week’s colorful antagonist.

Lobo’s only live appearance with a widespread release was in Season 2 of Syfy Krypton in which the bounty hunter, played by Emmett J Scanlan, served as a secondary villain during a four-episode arc. Although somewhat removed from the central conflict of the series, the network saw an opportunity to develop the character for fans desperate to see more of Lobo. A spin-off starring Lobo was in the works until Syfy pulled the plug Krypton in 2019. This attraction was largely reminiscent of the consistent announcements followed by the stagnation of a Lobo feature from Warner Bros.

The decade-plus feature film in the making

Image via Syfy

Fans have been hoping for a live Lobo feature since 2009, when Warner Bros. announced that Guy Ritchie would direct a film of the gritty anti-hero. However, Ritchie eventually left the project in order to do a sequel to sherlock holmes. Over the next decade, the leadership role passed to Brad Peytonthen Jason Fuchsand was eventually detained by Michael Bay. Despite endearing talents, such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for Peyton’s version, as well as extensive pre-production and script development, each chapter of this Lobo-mania would eventually end with the project filing.

However, the character seems to be getting a lot of buzz right now. With the new DCEU, Lobo could finally make his big screen debut. Only time will tell, something the Immortal Thief has in abundance. However long the wait, it’s almost certain that the divine bounty hunter will eventually fulfill the task of making it to theaters.

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