Why The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Became A Banned Book



Initial concerns about the book when it was first published were about its language, which, according to PBS, was deemed “suitable only for slums”. However, over the years, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” has become a subject of concern for its liberal use of the N-word (over 200 times to be exact) and its crude depiction of the “pre-war South”. , according Policy.

An example of attempts to ban the book includes a 2019 resolution, initiated by two members of the state assembly, asking New Jersey schools to remove the book from their curriculum. The resolution, titled NJ ACR225, noted that “the book’s use of a racial slur and its depictions of racist attitudes may cause students to feel upset, marginalized, or humiliated and may create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the classroom. class”. The book has already been banned once in New Jersey, when it was briefly removed from the Cherry Hill program in 1996.

These are not the only times the book has been banned from school curricula because of its racist language. Some notable and recent incidents include 2016, when the book was banned from the Montgomery County school curriculum in Pennsylvania, and 2022, when the book was removed from the Burbank Unified School District reading curriculum in response to concerns raised by the parents, by Marshall University.

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