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In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, find out why we never received the sequel to the Pushing Daisies comic book promised for years.

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the eight hundred and twenty-fourth episode where we examine three comic book legends and determine if they are true or false. As usual, there will be three posts, one for each of the three captions.

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Wildstorm almost released a wrap-up series for the acclaimed short-lived TV series, Pushing Daisies.



grow daisies was a great TV series that unfortunately only lasted two seasons on ABC between 2007 and 2009, but honestly, the series was so offbeat that it’s pretty impressive that it was made into a period TV series. Creator Bryan Fuller was already known as a smart and quirky TV creator, having created dead like meabout a pair of mowers, and wonders, about a young woman who talks to inanimate objects that allow her to help people. After a stint as a writer on the hit superhero series, HeroFuller then created grow daisies.

The concept of the show was that future MCU villain Lee Pace played Ned, a baker who had the ability to bring things back to life, but he can only bring them back a minute before bad things happen. . Also, since his touch brings them back to life, his touch also kills them again, so for example he uses his powers to make the fruits of his pies super ripe, but as a result he can’t eat the pies himself. -even or else the fruit would rot again.

Anyway, a private detective learns of Ned’s powers, so he convinces Ned to use them to help him solve murders (by animating the dead long enough for them to give clues as to how they were killed). Things get complicated when Ned revives his childhood sweetheart, Chuck (Anna Friel), who had been murdered. Ned can’t bring himself to kill her again, so they start dating, but Ned can never actually TOUCH Chuck or she’ll die again. So Chuck helps Ned and Emerson (the private detective) solve other crimes, including his own murder.

There’s also Ned’s eccentric bakery waitress, Olive, and Chuck’s eccentric aunts who she lives with.

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The series has always had ties to comic books, as when it debuted, they did a special comic for San Diego Comic-Con…

Tim Sale did the other cover…

When the TV series was canceled, Bryan Fuller said he planned to continue the series in comic book form. It wasn’t a crazy idea, of course, but at the same time, people say things like that all the time and I don’t know if people really had much hope for it to actually happen.

However, Fuller did follow up in 2011 (CBR reported at the time), Fuller revealed the first two pages of the comic, which would be about a flood causing a pile of bodies to be exhumed and Ned touches them and when they find out about the situation they want to kill Ned before he can touch them and make them die again, so it was kind of a dark zombie comic…

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However, the comic was never released. In 2012, artist Chris Gugliotti, who was working on the project, posted a note he received from Fuller at the start of the project, and he noted how he viewed that note now.

When asked more about it by a reader, Gugliotti explained: “

-send messages to DC through the “Contact Us” web form on their website. I wanted to see if you have any idea on this – anyone in particular could write or even if you think there is any chance it will work? I’m dying to see the rest of this comic and hope to see more from the world of Pushing Daisies! Have fun at the rest of Comic Con and hope the foot feels better!! -Lisa

This is partly because it was published through the DCs Wildstorm brand which sadly no longer exists. It became DC digital when they opened the new offices in Burbank. The editor I worked with at the time is no longer there. I never met Bryan Fuller but he sent me a big basket of daisy and tombstone cookies and a cute note when we started the project. I was hoping for a pie when we were done. 🙁

Here are some of Gugliottio’s unpublished pages (check out his site here for more)…

Magnificent work…

Back in 2013 Fuller talked about the possibility of using Kickstarter to do a Pushing Daisies project and the idea he used for the plot is pretty much the plot of the comic:

If we were able to get the Kickstarter going, there’s a really fun zombie movie that starts with a flash flood in a graveyard and is basically about the people in that graveyard having to kill Ned before he can kill them, so it’s It’s a different kind of zombie movie.

And just five years ago, Fuller spoke to Vanity Fair about doing more Pushing Daisies…

“I would still love to do Pushing Daisies as a Broadway musical,” says Fuller. “I would love to see it come back as a miniseries for Netflix or Apple or Amazon or whoever picks it up. I love those actors. I love Lee Pace like a brother. I love Anna Friel like a sister. Chi McBride is a wonderful ball of light that can only be matched by Kristin Chenoweth’s ball of light.

And Fuller doesn’t just pay lip service either, “Every year I ask Warner Brothers to see if they’d be open to that. There are hurdles to revitalize as a TV show, but like I said, I’d love to see it as a Broadway musical. I can just imagine the words of Tim Minchin, can’t you? If you’re reading this article, Tim, call me!

The fact that he didn’t mention the comic at all seems to suggest that this comic book project is dead. However, I guess if anyone could bring a project back from the dead…


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