Will these children’s books ever get the adaptation they deserve?


Over the past few years, audiences have seen classic children’s stories brought to life on screen or recreated for the next generation of audiences – everything from Paddington Bear for Pinocchio. We’ve seen so many beloved stories turn into big-screen spectacles, allowing us to see childhood characters we loved come to life.

And while many kids still recognize these classics, they aren’t always the stories that new generations are growing up with now. There’s no shortage of brilliant children’s books used in classrooms or for bedtime stories, and these fun modern tales deserve to be seen on screen, too.


Julia’s House for Lost Creatures is a charming monster story

This charming picture book trilogy centers on a girl alone in her large house, making it a welcoming home for monsters and wayward creatures. This book is full of awesome, friendly creatures who do their best to help out around the house and are thrilled when Julia’s home turns out to be resting on the shell of a giant tortoise who begins to head off on new adventures.

The story is written and designed by Ben Hatke, who has a unique art style that can be recognized across all of his published children’s books. It’s whimsical and captivating and creates special creatures that everyone is sure to love. His art is the perfect model for an animated children’s film, inspiring a similar feel to films such as Kels’ secret or those of Studio Ghibli. This would be a great opportunity for the animators to create some fun new creatures and bring to life a charming story about a girl and her wayward monsters.

The Graveyard Book Would Bring Another Neil Gaiman Classic To Life

Then there’s an oft-forgotten classic from Neil Gaiman, a chilling story about a baby who was meant to be killed alongside his parents but ends up in a graveyard where ghosts and ghouls raise him as their own. It’s a story with a somewhat haunting premise that unfolds as a tale of reunited family, identity, and courage. There was whispers a few years ago of a film being producedbut nothing has worked out yet.

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This book could lend itself to an animated or live-action movie, as there aren’t a lot of illustrations throughout this chapter book, leaving more creative freedom to the production company. He could follow in the footsteps of Coraline, one of the scariest animated movies, or he could follow the haunting live-action examples of Guillermo del Toro. Either way, the story could be brought to life in a stunning and memorable style that is sure to please and scare audiences of all ages.

Pirate Stew would allow for a unique cinematic experience

A more recent publication by Neil Gaiman is this picture book about two kids whose babysitter is a rotund old pirate who brings in his troublesome crew, and they make a cauldron of stew that can turn other people into pirates. The book has a fun art style and a premise that could lend itself to all sorts of cinematic animations – anything from treasure island for Loving Vincent.

The book is also written in rhyme, allowing a film adaptation to have a musical element. After all, who doesn’t love a good pirate hut? This story could become an adaptation reminiscent of the funky tales of Dr. Seuss or a hilarious and eventful Disney / Pixar film. The book has a lot of versatility, creating opportunities for a unique cinematic experience.

Julian is a mermaid would let kids feel empowered

Then there’s this heartfelt story from Jessica Love about a young Latino boy who wants to dress up as a mermaid to take part in a parade. It follows Julian and his Abuela, who support and love him just the way he is, encouraging him to dress feminine and be a mermaid if that’s what he wants to be. It’s a great story with themes of diversity and inclusivity and has the makings of a modern classic.

Many Latin stories have been brought to life on screen in an animation style inspired by their cultures, and Julian Is A Mermaid would be a perfect addition to that list. This beautiful book of watercolors is a story every child needs to see – a story of acceptance, love and beauty that deserves to be brought to life on the big screen. It’s incredibly memorable visually and thematically and will surely leave kids feeling empowered while their parents hold back heartfelt tears.

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While these books may look different from the fairy tales and classics we’re used to being adapted to, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their own chance. Younger generations deserve to see stories they know and recognize not as something their parents or grandparents grew up with, but as something unique to their generations.

Seeing their favorite characters and books come to life would inspire them to keep reading and enjoying those books and inspire them to accept the messages that those stories teach them.


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